We were in search of a quality, multifunctional piece that could be used in both an entryway or living space, which led to the design and development of the modern Bench. Made by local craftspeople from solid hardwood, aluminum and steel to construct a long-lasting artifact.
Our new and bestselling artifacts have recently been featured in a few of our favorite publications! If you're interested in optimizing your modern workspace or enhancing the look and feel of your living space, these informative reviews are here to help. 
Everyone has a complicated relationship with their home office setup. Whether you’re feeling uninspired by the space or it’s just not comfortable enough—we’re here to help. Instead of compiling a list of specific to-dos, we prefer to choose three main categories to focus on and refer back to throughout the year. Here are the three categories we recommend focusing on when creating a home office setup you love.
Eric Tamayo is the creator of Hueguh, a leading lifestyle brand providing short films and tasteful editorial celebrating thoughtful design and beautiful engineering. Eric recently upgraded from his dining room table to a dedicated minimalist desk setup with a few of our must-have artifacts.