About Artifox - Minimalist Living

Minimalist Living

What does living minimally mean to Artifox?

Growing up our founders, Sarah and Dan, experienced two different ways of living minimally. Sarah’s family only kept objects they truly loved and/or needed, while Dan’s family rarely parted from things. One way they’ve described their different upbringings is if there was a house fire, Sarah’s family would be deeply saddened by the objects they lost because each item mattered to them and Dan’s would be less affected because they didn’t place as much value in the things they owned. They wanted to bring both a love for the objects and activities they surround their lives with as well as maintain an openness to an ever changing world by not attaching themselves to too many possessions.

About Artifox - Minimalist Living

How do we live minimally? 


We all make countless decisions each day. It’s important to us to be selective in our choices without overthinking them. We do not buy objects just to buy or have a meeting just to meet. If it’s not solving a problem or bringing us joy, we are most likely going to find a better option (or wait until we do). 


Be intentional. As anyone will tell you it doesn’t always go as planned. By having in mind what we want to focus on it keeps us energized and productive. Each daily intention is a small step towards our overarching goals. 


Practice gratitude for the people and possessions in our lives. A small thank you or moment of thought to appreciate the mini or monumental things in life allows us to live more purposefully. 

About Artifox - Minimalist Living

Why is it important?

By living a minimal lifestyle we are able to be present for ourselves and others, which gives us a sense of purpose and calm. By eliminating the noise in our space and day, it gives us time to focus on the important things. A minimalist lifestyle brings clarity to the small or large choices we make. Our pursuit is to own and create items we take pride in and make thoughtful choices that positively impact every community every day.

About Artifox - Minimalist Living