About Artifox - Design Principles

Design Principles


conscious or aware of something

For us the first step in designing something new is to consider the human need of a particular artifact.  We give careful attention to existing solutions and their environments. Can/should they be modified and/or improved upon? Do they need to be made at all?  We observe the small details in our daily rituals so we can have a firm understanding of what it is we are making, and why we are making it.



quick to learn and devise ideas, intelligent

When creating an artifact, we strive to instill this character trait into the object itself. This part may sound a little strange but hear us out.  As humans we have the ability to create moments between each other. We might respond with an amusing comment, a subtle nod or a wink. We believe these charming gestures can be experienced through the inanimate world as well. A magnet that snaps in just the right place, or a surprise feature you didn’t expect. These simple attributes can create a powerful connection between the artifact and its user, bringing joy to those who interact with it.



delicately complex and understated 

This is by far the most challenging aspect of our design process and something we continue to refine until the last iteration. Removing redundancy and complexity wherever possible, we are constantly searching for the straightest line or the simplest answer. We value honest design and deeply appreciate the quiet beauty in the understated.



involving interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association

We believe our artifacts thrive within ecosystems and should be designed with that in mind. How will they interact with each other? Which traits will they share? How do they support each other and function independently as well? While this is a very practical way to create, it can also be purely aesthetic. We love when a design is recognized as part of a family of artifacts that share the same visual language



enduring or able to endure over a long period of time

We strongly consider the physical materials and build structure of an object. Will it hold up through repeated use and survive years of wear? Can it be repaired if damaged? Even our assembly is designed with this in mind, as our products can be taken apart and rebuilt without compromising their strength or integrity. Finally, we keep our designs minimal and classic so no matter how technologies and trends antiquate, our artifacts remain timeless.


About Artifox - Design Prinicples