Rid your cabin fever and spring forward to a fresh space. Now that longer evenings have arrived, consider this advice from select experts to create a home or office that allows you to do more...

We believe a clean space creates a clear mind which can have everything to do with your environment. When designing the Monument we wanted to create an iPhone accessory that pairs with any setup. With different ways to style and use, the Monument will help you create your ideal space to work, relax, and be the most productive.
As the days get darker earlier, count on modern lighting to brighten your space (and your mood). Our Table Light, made in collaboration with premium lighting manufacturer Gantri, is inspired by the classic mid-century mushroom light, its simple geometry is free of harsh angles giving off a retro sci-fi vibe.
Whether you're in search of a workspace for your home or corporate office, there are benefits to both the Desk and Table. Each one provides a solid work surface, hidden cable management, and beautiful aesthetic. We thoughtfully designed each one with specific solutions in mind. Find out which one will work best for your space.

Let's face it. Working from home continues to be the norm for large corporations to solo entrepreneurs alike. We've seen a wide variety of beautiful, functional workspaces featuring our must-have artifacts, including the Desk, Side,...

Busy seasons can create clutter. The holidays, accelerated schedules and crunched end-of-year goals breed chaos at our desks.

But the new year is an opportunity to reevaluate our workflow and habits for the long-term. It’s the perfect time to reflect, reinvigorate your productivity, and rebuild your setup with four key elements: Space, light, nature and order.

Matthew Encina is an art director, educator and content creator based in LA. When he designed his new office space, he wanted a clean, minimal aesthetic with natural elements and ample storage. Watch him transform a blank room into an airy, organic creative studio - with clearly defined spaces for productivity.