Matthew Encina's Studio Setup

Matthew Encina is an art director, educator and content creator based in LA. When he designed his new office space, he wanted a clean, minimal aesthetic with natural elements and ample storage. Watch him transform a blank room into an airy, organic creative studio - with clearly defined spaces for productivity and organization, featuring our Artifacts in white and mist. White Oak features and plenty of greenery complete the studio space. 

 Artifox Acrylic Accessories - Matthew Encina Studio Setup

Artifox Bookends - Matthew Encina Studio Setup 

"I got this set of accessories from Artifox starting with these large bookends which hold up my hardcover books. To hold some paper I'm using these stackable mist trays & by the window this set of holders for my magazines and catalogues."

- Matthew Encina 

Paper Tray
Matthew Encina's Studio Setup