Walnut Collection

Elevate your space with our solid walnut Table & Lift.
Walnut Collection

The Artifox desk is one of our favorite desk designs, functionally and aesthetically. Minimal enough to remain sleek while also packing in lots of possibilities to create the optimal workspace.

Gear Patrol

Artifox seamlessly combines old-fashioned craftsmanship and creative spitballing with sleek, modern tech integration features to help you work smarter.

Esquire Magazine

No adjustments, no motors, just pure craftsmanship. Artifox makes for those who appreciate design elements more than technical flair.


Elegantly designed and carefully thought out, Artifox products are the brainchild of an architect and visual designer, ensuring both utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing elements.

High Snobiety

Artifox's designs might look minimal and austere in the extreme, but scratch beyond the handcrafted, walnut surface and you'll often find a trove of hidden features.

Beautifully Simple and Highly Functional

Modular furniture designed with your everyday life in mind. Made from solid hardwood and built to last.


Designed to Work Together

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