The Best Home Office Setups

Let's face it. Working from home continues to be the norm for large corporations to solo entrepreneurs alike. We've seen a wide variety of beautiful, functional workspaces featuring our must-have artifacts, including the Desk, Side, and Table. From a colorful workspace oasis to a minimalist's dream home office setup, these are the best home office setups you will surely be inspired by. 


Karl Conrad's Minimal Home Office Setup 

As a Content Creator, Karl Conrad needs a home office setup that not only provides features that elevate his tech but inspires him throughout the work day. The Walnut Desk paired with the Large StandMini Pegs, and Tray creates a clean, minimal setup that increases productivity and creativity. “The Artifox Desk is completely solid wood, if you take care of it it will last your lifetime. There are zero wiggles in it, it is a premium desk that you’re paying for and it comes with a premium experience.”-Conrad


Shortstache's Creative Studio Setup

Photographer and Videographer Shortstache designed his creative studio using our Walnut Table and Bench. The Walnut Table serves as an executive desk equipped with two slots on the surface to access charging cables for the concealed cable management grids below. "All of my cords and cables are off the ground and seamlessly organized which is really cool. Very clean aesthetic. The Walnut is super nice", said Shortstache. The modern Bench with storage is the perfect piece to display his favorite essentials and store magazines. By placing it in front of the office window he can use it as a window seat and enjoy the abundance of natural light it provides.


Beauty of Technology's Ideal Minimalist Setup

Beauty of Technology Home Office Setup

If anyone knows how to create a minimalist home office setup, it's Nicolay from Beauty of Technology. The Walnut and Bone Desk serves as a clean workspace to place his monitor, plants, and phone. “One of my favorite tech related features of the Desk by Artifox is the built in stand / dock for a phone / tablet. Very useful!”, said Nicolay. Though his workspace is simple, the need for storage is still a top priority to keep a clean home office. The modern Side table provides a sleek charging station with its concealed cable management and wall Hooks outfit the home office with a stylish way to hang hats and bags. 


Best Desk for Photographer

Best Desk for Content Creator



Random Frank P's Tech-Enthusiast Home Office Setup

Random Frank P is a Tech-Enthusiast and Content Creator who was determined to create a home office setup that kept his tech organized while maintaining an elevated look. Our White Oak and Bone Desk is the staple piece that brings the entire setup together. Its cable management dock on the surface and grid below provides the needed organization while maintaining a sleek aesthetic. "My favorite feature of the Artifox Desk is definitely the cable grid. Having all the mounting points on the back is super convenient so no cables or power bricks are hanging down on the floor. Aesthetically as well, it looks nice (which is odd to say about a cable grid, but come on, that’s nice!)", said Random Frank P. Overall this is a refreshing take on a home office setup that's sure to keep anyone motivated throughout the workday.  


Bleu Leman Design's Workspace Oasis

Bleu Leman Design's Home Office Setup Walnut Desk

Diane Cherix, founder of Bleu Leman Design, designed a vibrant workspace oasis that brings the colors and energy of fresh outdoors. The high-quality solid walnut used to build our Walnut Desk provides an elevated warmth to this home office setup that's unmatched. Its built-in Pegs supply a unique spot to hang headphones while you're not using them. We think Cherix summed it up perfectly when she said, "Enjoying your workspace can make a big difference in the amount of time you are willing to spend in your office and the quality of the work you will deliver."


Hueguh's Minimal, Functional Home Office Setup 

Eric Tamayo from the lifestyle brand Hueguh, recently upgraded from his dining room table to a dedicated minimalist home office setup. He paired our Walnut Desk and Side table together to create a clean, minimal home setup with superior organizational features. Quite honestly, the way he organized our cable management grid has yet to be surpassed. However, after chatting with Tamayo, we learned his favorite feature wasn't only the cable grid, it's the artifacts' hardwood construction. " is subtle but such a beautiful detail. During the COVID lockdown, I got really into woodworking and took a couple of woodworking classes, this gave me a greater appreciation for the art of processing and building with hardwood. I know that both the Artifox Desk and Side will last for generations thanks to the more dense and durable hardwood. This is important to me because I use these pieces every day and plan on using them for years to come." said Tamayo.   


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The Best Home Office Setups