Behind the Brand

January 23, 2019

Behind the Brand

ARTIFOX founders, Dan and Sarah, set out to create a desk that incorporates the technology and essentials used every day. The initial designs evolved to become DESK 02, which manages devices of all sizes and messy cables — creating a beautiful, functional workspace to support productivity. Focused on solving the functionality of modern spaces, the ARTIFOX brand has grown to offer wall shelves, bike racks and desk accessories.

Bringing her experience as an interior designer and architect to business development, Sarah drives the ARTIFOX mission to provide high quality, functional products to people who care about the work they do and the space they create. Merging his skills in industrial and UX design, Dan seeks to promote a clean, minimalist aesthetic, focused on products that exist seamlessly with one another.

The brand started with the pair coming together to solve their own problem, but now every product they design and manufacture takes into consideration the evolving work of individuals across many industries. Architects, Musicians, Designers, Business Owners, Freelancers... those who plan and execute their goals all day, everyday.

We want your space to be the place you become your best self. Together, along with our US manufacturing partners, we can help you create a truly considered space.

Artifox White Oak Collection


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