Arthur Parra's LA Loft

Arthur Parra is a travel and lifestyle videographer who specializes in working with different brands and hotels all around the world. We asked Arthur a few questions to learn more about what a normal workday looks like for him, how he stays productive, and his favorite Artifox furniture features. 

1. First things first, how do you start your workday? And what does a normal workday look like for you?

I usually start my workday off with 15 minutes of reading followed by a 20 minute walk and an hour workout then I jump into emails and the rest of my work day.

2. As a home interiors enthusiast, how do you decide on what furniture and accessories to purchase?

I usually start by looking up a general vibe of the aesthetic I want on Pinterest and then do research on certain pieces from there.

3. How do you keep your home and office organized? Any tips?

I try to keep a clean workspace at all times, for me I find it hard to be productive with clutter. Generally a part of my morning routine involves cleaning up around the house and organizing my workspace.

4. What are your favorite features of the Artifox Desk, and why?

I love how minimal it is and the attention to detail. I really love how functional it is and can be built out into multiple different setups with all the accessories.

5. When creating content, what’s your creative process?

I generally will put on some music and just fire away at the ideas I have written down. I like to take a lot of inspiration from movies and music.

6. How do you stay productive while working at home?

I stay productive while working at home by having a dedicated work area. By having a work space that is not just the couch or bed it helps me to stay dialed in during the day and not get lazy or distracted.

7. Do you listen to music or watch shows while you work?

I generally will alternate between the two. I really enjoy having an interesting podcast in the background for a good portion of the workday. 

8. And finally, what’s your go-to fit these days? 

My go-to fit nowadays has to be just a nice pair of jeans or sweats and a clean plain or graphic tee. 

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