ARTIFOX Monument Stand - Charcoal

Meet Monument

We believe a clean space creates a clear mind which can have everything to do with your environment. When designing the Monument we wanted to create an iPhone accessory that pairs with any setup. With different ways to style and use, the Monument will help you create your ideal space to work, relax, and be the most productive.
The Monument is built of solid cement. Inspired by brutalist architecture on both Earth and Arrakis, this phone stand features sculpted details in a traditional building material giving it a very unique look and feel that is different from most. Made for the minimalist, this design will fit in any space.
ARTIFOX Monument Stand - Charcoal
With the goal of creating the best space for you, the monument can be used for many different functions in many different spaces. It is the perfect accessory for your iPhone and can be placed on the Desk, Side, Shelf, Bench, coffee table, bookcase, and more. Whether you need to set a timer, charge your iPhone, or display your screen in a more productive way, the Monument supports it all.
ARTIFOX Monument Stand - Natural
The Monument comes in two colors - charcoal and natural, which helps to create a stunning monochromatic look for any set up. It has a 75 degree viewing angle and weighs 2lbs, 8oz. with a felt padded bottom. Its soft-curved edges and minimal aesthetic pairs well with a wide variety of table materials and desktop accessories.
ARTIFOX Monument Stand - Charcoal and Natural
When creating and filling your space, it’s important to find products that bring ease and comfort to your surroundings. We recommend pairing with our Desk or Side table to help modify your home or office and find what fits best for you. Enhance your creativity in a space that erases the clutter and brings peace to your workspace.