Guide to Renew Your Home Office Setup

As we continue to find our bearings in the new year of 2022, we're committed to hitting the home office reset button. We start the process by taking inventory and asking the important questions to better understand how our home office setup can offer us more.

Does it promote productivity?

Does it have tools to keep me organized?

Does it offer inspiration to keep me motivated?

Does it bring me joy and ease me into the workday?

Does it provide ways to experience an effortless workflow that helps me evolve my work?

Not only do these questions help us in resetting our workspace, but they also help our product team design the ideal furniture and accessories to support an ever-changing work environment.

Recharge your workspace with our home office reset guide and must-have artifacts. 


Minimalist Desk


Refresh Your Desk


"Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come." Dwayne Johnson


The focal point of any workspace is the desk. For a small to medium-sized home office setup, we'd recommend our Desk, available in Sit or Stand. It's a standard size that won't overpower the space and provides a built-in dock that's compatible with a range of accessories so you can personalize and make it your own. If you need a larger workspace, we'd recommend the Table because it offers a wide desktop with space to display multiple monitors and organize office accessories. Both the Desk and Table have a unique cable grid that neatly manages power cords to ensure you have a tidy workspace with well-maintained cables. Not sure how to choose the best desk for your space? This will help. 

One of the best ways to refresh your desk is to eliminate and rearrange items on its surfaces. If you have any old papers or writing utensils you no longer use it's the perfect time to discard them. By simply moving the items you've kept from right to left or vice versa is an inexpensive way to make the surface feel completely new. Another great way to refresh your desk is by adding a new plant or updating the pot of a plant you already have. It'll add new life to your workspace and improve your mood.

  Artifox Home Office Desk Setup

Update Your Desk Accessories 
"Don't count the days, make the days count." —Muhammad Ali


Invest in desk accessories that will create an entirely new look while simultaneously improving your workflow and overall productivity.

Elevate your monitor or laptop with the Large Stand or Lift, giving you the ability to adjust your screen to a comfortable height. The Large Stand is best paired with the Desk because it seamlessly integrates with its Dock using a tool-less attachment. While the Lift works best when you require a dual monitor stand that can be placed on a variety of horizontal surfaces.

If you prefer speakers to headphones, the Small Stands work great as speaker stands. If you focus better when you're wearing headphones, you can use them to store glasses or a plant to leave room to work on the desktop surface.

Eliminate clutter and make stacks of paper look sleek, with these Acrylic Paper Trays. Their stackable design lets you create a personalized storage system for all kinds of stationery and smaller items.

Personalize your desktop by adding your favorite books and keeping them organized with Bookends. Hand select design or specialty books to keep you inspired through the workday. By displaying them with the Bookends, you'll find their magnetic capabilities provide even more personalized organization. Pair them with Pegs or Bands to store writing utensils or headphones.


Monitor Stand


Desk Organizer

Paper Tray and Desk Organizer



Modern Lighting and Office Accessories


Brighten Your Space 

“Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.”—Maya Angelou

Enhance your mood by introducing modern lighting to your workspace. By placing a Table Light on your desk it will provide an alternative lighting option once the sun goes down, without forcing you to turn on harsh overhead lights. The Table Light also features a shallow tray for storing small personal items to help keep your space tidy.

Lighting candles or turning on a salt lamp can also enhance the overall ambiance and create a cozy work environment that will increase your creative workflow. 


Modern Lighting

Modern Lighting



Use Wall Storage to Organize

"Build something 100 people love, not something one million people kind of like."—Brian Chesky

 Whether you're lacking the square footage or you want to free your floors from clutter, utilizing your walls to store your must-haves is a game-changer when resetting your home office. There are endless ways to use your walls for storage without sacrificing style.

Create a shelving system with Large and Mini metal Wall Shelves to add dimension and texture. We'd suggest pairing the White Wall Shelf with white walls to keep the focal point on your favorite essentials and not cause too much visual distraction. By hanging our minimalist metal shelves, you'll be able to personalize your wall organization with their magnetic and reversible features. Pair them with Pegs and Bands to create endless styling options. The Pegs can be used to hold books in place while acting as a pen holder. Handmade Bands snap to themselves to store keys, cables, dry-erase markers, and even air plants.

Mount wall Hooks next to the shelves or on their own to expand your office storage. Clean and minimal Hooks provide the perfect spot to quickly hang bags or sweaters instead of laying them on the floor or your office chair.


Minimalist Metal Wall Shelf

Mini Minimalist Metal Wall Shelf



White Oak Executive Desk

White Oak Dining Table for Small Room

White Oak Modern Bench with Storage

White Oak Modern Bench with Storage



Invest in Dual Purpose Furniture
"It's not too late for a new beginning."Eleanor Brownn


Consider the variety of tasks you do throughout your work week and the different ways you need to organize your office accessories. The list is relatively long, right? That's why we design dual-purpose furniture for the multitasker. 

The modern Bench provides seating and clever storage features. It's the ideal place to sit down, light a candle, and meditate before your day begins, or store your records and record player to play your favorite albums while you work. The Bench can be used as a room divider, sitting area, or storage unit —whatever you need it to be. Use the canvas scroll to hold laptops and magazines and the steel tray as a convenient place to charge your phone or tablet with its convenient charging cable access slots. 

Another piece of furniture we mentioned earlier, is the Table. The Table can be used as a personal or shared workspace. It comfortably fits 1 to 4 people, making it the ideal place whether you’re working, meeting, or eating. 


White Oak Executive Desk

White Oak Modern Bench with Storage



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Guide to Renew Your Home Office Setup