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Eric Tamayo is the creator of Hueguh, a leading lifestyle brand providing short films and tasteful editorial celebrating thoughtful design and beautiful engineering. Recently, Eric upgraded from his dining room table to a dedicated minimalist desk setup with a few of our must-have artifacts. 


Our Walnut Desk and Side table are two essential pieces of his home office setup. The minimalist Desk provides a metal grid below its surface for superior cable management and a channel above to easily route cables through as well as mount shelves or store tech. Eric's cable organization is one of the best we've seen! He was able to seamlessly organize all of his audio and charging equipment beautifully. By adding the modern Side table to his setup, Eric has more storage capabilities as well as a visually well-rounded setup. The Side table's charging dock is the perfect spot for his phone and camera battery chargers. By having his phone set to the side, he can keep distractions to a minimum and stay focused throughout his workday. The shelf above the drawer flawlessly stores his wife's 13" Macbook Pro and his 16" Macbook Pro when it's not in use. The Side's deep drawer is used to store additional tech including a keyboard and headphone case. 

We asked Eric a few questions to learn more about Hueguh, how he stays productive while working from home, his favorite features of his Artifox modern furniture, and more:  

1. First things first, what’s your coffee order these days? 


Been going down the espresso rabbit hole lately, coffee order has been a Flat White as of late. Less milk than a latte, which is supposed to allow more of the espresso flavor to come through.


2.  What does Hueguh mean and how did you come about the name?


Hueguh is the phonetic spelling of Hygge(hue-guh), as an english speaker I always want to say Hi-Guh, so to remind myself on how to correctly pronounce the danish word I spell it phonetically. 

Hygge (noun) a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture).


3. Tell us about your lifestyle brand and what a normal workday looks like for you. 


Hueguh really started with the adoption of the Hygge lifestyle, switching focus from being always on and trying to be productive to being more intentional with time. Spending more time in the present with an emphasis on quality time with friends and family has greatly improved my overall quality of life and I thought that it was worth sharing my experience. Hueguh is still just a hobby, I still work full time as an electrical engineer here in the Silicon Valley. When I can, I fit in video production in and around that schedule, it’s a little messy, but somehow works out. 


4. What are the office essentials you can’t work without?


A pen and a scratch piece of paper. Sometimes I just need to doodle, there’s always a random piece of paper on my desk with indecipherable scribbles and notes. For me this is free time where I can dwell on ideas and work through more complex problems. 


5. How do you stay productive while working at home?


The key to staying productive while working from home is having a dedicated space to work from. I used to work from my kitchen table which severely blurred the line between work and dinner time, it got to the point where I was eating while working and after dinner I’d continue to work. Setting up a dedicated space with physical boundaries helps to create subliminal signals for when to start and end the work day. In the long run this insures a healthier relationship with work to maintain sanity and stay productive. 


6. Do you listen to music or watch shows while you work? 


Music yes, shows no. Spotify playlist “Chillhouse 2022” is my current go to when I want to zone out and be hyper focused. 


7. What are your favorite features of the Artifox Desk and Side, and why?


For me it has to be the hardwood construction, it is subtle but such a beautiful detail. During the COVID lock down I got really into wood working and took a couple of woodworking classes, this gave me a greater appreciation for the art of processing and building with hardwood. I know that both the Artifox Desk and Side will last for generations thanks to the more dense and durable hardwood. This is important to me because I use these pieces everyday and plan on using them for years to come. 


8. Is there anything new, upcoming, or insightful you want readers to know about Hueguh? 


I’ll be honest, I’m pretty slow when it comes to content production, but we just picked up an espresso machine which I plan to make a couple of videos about. If you’re into espresso and want to see someone stumble through dialing in a shot you can head on over. 


Does this minimalist desk setup meet your needs, but you still have questions? We're here to help! Email us at 





Minimalist Desk Tour