Season to Reset

Looking around your workspace wondering how it got so out of hand? Now that many of us have converged our work and home life into one space, it’s amazing how fast it can become cluttered and disorganized. The spring season has arrived just in time, supplying us with fresh air and beautiful views all around us. 

Open a window, and get to work reimagining and rebuilding your dream setup. We’ve gathered ways to refresh your overall workspace, including the essentials that will seamlessly bring it all together.  

"Renewal requires opening yourself up to new ways of thinking and feeling." -- Deborah Day

Start Fresh 

Begin by moving everything out of the office or in the center of the space, including your desk, side table, accessories and more. By doing so, you will be able to clean the floors and baseboards more efficiently and get an idea of how you’d like to rearrange your workspace. If possible, we recommend positioning your workspace near a window so you can soak in the natural light. 

Check out ‘A Guide to Organize your Workspace’ by Matthew Encina and ‘Marie Kondo: How To Tidy Your Office Desk’ for insight on starting a workspace reset journey. 


White Oak table for working, eating or meeting



Take everything from old post-it notes to writing tools off of your desk and out of your side table drawers to do an inventory check of what you’ve been collecting this past year while working from home. 

Once you have everything out, it’s time to create three separate piles - keep, throw away, and donate. If you don’t use it often or it slows you down during your workday, it’s time to let it go. As soon as you have hand-selected your office essentials, start sorting them based on their purpose until you have clean, concise piles that can be easily stored.  

Check out ‘Decluttering for Messy People’ by Matt D’Avella to help inspire you to get started on the decluttering step. 


White Oak bench media console, seating and storage


Artifox designs each collection with your productivity in mind. It’s important to build daily cleanliness habits to stay organized and clutter free, however, when you pair those habits with the right office pieces and accessories you’ll be in even better shape to accomplish that goal. 

A great work surface is paramount to your workday success. The Table in Walnut or White Oak is L 70" x W 36" X H 29” giving you a large surface to help compartmentalize your workflow. Dedicated Grids made from durable aluminum are hidden underneath the surface of the Table for highly organized cable management - keeping your cables close by and your tech charged throughout the day. We’d recommend using a power strip to keep things even more organized when using the Grids. 

Maximize your work surface by adding quality office accessories to ensure it stays tidy throughout your workday. The Acrylic Collection has two ideal office accessories to ensure your desktop is highly functional and organized. We’d recommend using the Paper Tray to store items you use throughout the week such as notebooks, tablets, and extra cables. The Magazine Holder is a must for vertically storing those more inspiring pieces such as coffee table books or monthly planner. 

Elevate your desk setup by adding a shelf made with pure craftsmanship in the US. The Lift is a desktop organizer that provides multi-level storage to display monitors, notebooks, plants and more. The lower shelf is strong and large enough to hold a 15” macbook, keyboard, mouse, and notebooks. The powder coated steel used on the top and lower shelf is magnetic, making it possible to pair Artifox Pegs and Bands with the Lift for even more storage capabilities for office essentials. 

The Side is the perfect addition to any workspace, placed beside or near your desk. It’s designed with a drawer that can be used as a storage place for books and tech as well as a filing cabinet for extra papers you don’t need every day. Eliminate distractions from your phone or tablet throughout the day by placing them in the built-in Dock on the Side’s top surface. You can also charge your tech while it’s being stored by using the Side’s hidden cable management. 

Check out ‘Best Way to Organize Your Files and Folders’ by Thomas Frank for tips on how to organize your paper files. 


White Oak table for working, eating or meeting


Personal Touch

Once you’ve organized and finalized your office space, it’s time to add the finishing touches to make it your dream setup. Improve your overall air quality by adding plants to your space. Create a reading nook by adding a Bench to the space and displaying your go-to business or coffee table books. Having another spot to work or take a break will help you gain a new perspective. Place your favorite art throughout the space, sitting on shelves or hanging on the walls. Surround yourself with what inspires you or makes you happy. If scent is your thing, light a soothing candle that fills the workspace with a homey feeling. Keep your favorite healthy snacks nearby in your Paper Tray or Side to become reenergized during an afternoon slump. 

Check out Native Maps, Chloe Purpero Johnson, and The Cartorialist for workplace art inspiration. 


A clean, fully-equipped workspace helps in alleviating anxious feelings so you can use that energy to focus on your work. If you’re looking for more information on resetting your workspace, please email us We’re here to help.  


Season to Reset