Phil Cohen's Minimalist Home Office Setup

Phil Cohen, aka @philcohen_, is an Art Director and content creator focused on home design, furniture, and fashion. Recently, Cohen revamped his minimalist home office using our Black Oak Table, Lift, and organizational accessories. 

The Black Oak Table provides tons of much needed room for all of his tech gear and morning (and nightly) cups of coffee. The cable management grids give him the ideal spot to organize his power strip and cables, with extra help from the black magnetic Bands included with the Table. He easily popped out the Arcylic tabs and passed his phone's charging cord through the slot to stay charged throughout the day—this is a must-have as a social media content creator! 

The Black Oak Lift elevates his monitor, headphones, and Pegs used to store writing utensils. The Lift's lower shelf acts as additional storage for notebooks and office accessories. Utilizing the Lift as a desk shelf helps him keep his desk setup organized and leaves space for a lamp, desk mat, keyboard, and mouse. 

We asked Cohen a few questions to learn more about what a normal workday looks like for him, how he stays productive, and his favorite Artifox furniture features. 


Phil Cohen


1. First things first, how do you start your workday? And what does a normal workday look like for you?

Each day always begins and ends with coffee! After two cups in the morning, I’m ready to go. My wife and son leave the house around 8-8:30am everyday, so I typically start working through my inbox. Then I’ll get into any pressing client work or start creating personal content for my social platforms. I work for myself, so I keep pretty busy until around 5:30 everyday when my family comes home. We’ll spend some time together and then I’ll work for a couple more hours later in the evening. Social media never sleeps!

2. As a design enthusiast and someone who has created a beautiful home, how do you decide on what furniture and accessories to purchase?

We built our home a couple of years ago so we needed a lot of furniture (we were starting from scratch). We took our time with the selections, making sure they were pieces that would be functional, comfortable, and stand the test of time. I’ve been known to sacrifice form over function! We’ve almost gotten everything we need, but there are still a couple more items on my wish list. I’m a sucker for aesthetics.

3. How do you keep your home and office so organized? Any tips?

Hmmm, I’ll let you know when I find out! Social media has a way of making everything seem perfect. I have a three year old son and he plays hard non-stop. We like to live in our home, but also make sure we aren’t collecting a lot of unnecessary items. I frequently comb through my belongings to see if there’s anything that I’m no longer in need of—in which case I’ll donate, give it away or sell it. Storage is key when it comes to more minimalistic spaces.

4. When creating content, what’s your creative process?

I’m not sure I have a set process. Social media is a big source of inspiration. I spend a lot of time on Instagram and TikTok searching for ideas that will spark the creative juices. I am also inspired by films and photography. I watch a lot of YouTube tutorials so that I can keep learning new skills and techniques which help drive the creative process and proficiency.

5. How do you stay productive while working at home?

I actually really enjoy my work so it doesn’t really feel like I’m ‘working’ most of the time. I think my productivity can be impaired at times because I always try to do too much.

6. Do you listen to music or watch shows while you work?

I usually stream some podcasts or have YouTube/Netflix playing in the background.

7. What are your favorite features of the Artifox Table and Lift, and why?

What I love about the Artifox Table and Lift is that I don’t have to make any sacrifices with form or function. I worked at smaller desktops before and I feel cramped and uncomfortable which impacts my productivity and the time I want to spend at the desk. The Table has been a game changer for me. Not just the extra space, but the practical functionality of all the Artifox pieces work so harmoniously. The clever solutions for cord control are probably my favorite aspect. Having a way to manage cords and keep them out of sight helps my office feel more organized and ready for photography and video work.


Black Executive Desk in Minimalist Office

Black Executive Desk in minimalist home office


Do you love Phil Cohen's minimalist home office setup featuring our Black Oak collection but still have questions? Email us We're here to help! 



Phil Cohen's Minimalist Home Office Setup