Create a Home Office Setup You Love: A How-To Guide

Everyone has a complicated relationship with their home office setup. Whether you’re feeling uninspired by the space or it’s just not comfortable enough—we’re here to help. Instead of compiling a list of specific to-dos, we prefer to choose three main categories to focus on and refer back to throughout the year. Here are the three categories we recommend focusing on when creating a home office setup you love: 




Similar to being thoughtful in the work you dofrom the goals you set to the messages you craft it's just as important to be thoughtful when choosing the items for your ideal workspace.

It's about taking the time to recognize the items in your space and how they're contributing: 

  • Is it multifunctional?
  • Can it hold up and continue to look beautiful overtime? 
  • Does the design fit my style? 
  • Is it made from quality raw materials?  

We encourage you to check in with yourself on these key questions and invest in good quality furniture and accessories. By investing in well-made products it not only means the piece will last for a long time, you'll also love your space for a long time. 

The craftsmanship and materials behind a quality product are not the only ways to ensure you'll have a space you love. Be sure to evaluate its functionality and if it provides more than one way to use it. At Artifox, we strive for our products to be high-quality, multifunctional, and work together seamlessly. The Table, for example, works as both a personal workspace and communal gathering table. Along with providing metal grids below the surface for cable management to charge your devices. We've seen the Table used as an executive desk in a home office, shared workspace in a conference room, and dining table in a small home. Finding furniture that provides clever features and has the ability to serve many functions in different rooms is a great investment. 

When choosing a desk or any essential piece of furniture for your home office, ask yourself those key questions. Remain thoughtful when selecting those items to be sure you're creating a home office you love that optimizes your workflow. 


Walnut dining table for small room 

Walnut Minimalist Desk

Black modern bench with storage





It can be true for many, that a tidy space leads to a healthy, focused mindset. By having a clutter-free home office setup, you'll be able to feel stress-free which will let you enjoy the space more. We suggest setting aside time within your work calendar for quick 20 minute tidy sessions to clean and organize your furniture and essentials. Here are a few tips to keep your home office looking organized, don't forget to set a timer!: 

  • Make sure all your office accessories have a designated spot so it's easy to put everything back in its place at the end of the work day, such as a Side table or wall Shelf
  • Organize any loose papers or small office accessories in Paper Trays or Magazine Holders 
  • Place any writing utensils in a designated spot such as a Tray or Pegs 
  • Wipe down your work surface with a damp cloth and your tech with recommended disinfectant wipes 
  • Water your plants 
  • Sweep or vacuum your floor 
  • Take out any trash or unwanted items 
  • Wipe down any dry erase boards with old information for a fresh start  

Along with these tidying sessions, we encourage you to maintain your furniture by researching how to take care of certain materials such as solid hardwood. For solid hardwood it's recommended to care for it by using a slightly damp cloth with a tiny bit of dawn soap to wipe down surfaces then wipe with a dry cloth. UltraViolet light can affect the appearance of natural wood. If your desk is consistently exposed to harsh UV light (i.e. sunlight), you may notice color variations over time. It's recommended to keep your solid hardwood desk in a low light environment. 

By setting aside time to tidy your workspace each week it will improve your mindset and keep you motivated to complete your to-dos. Along with prioritizing maintaining your furniture you will keep them looking nicer for longer and prevent any major repair issues. 

All in all, a maintained home office will keep you on track and evoke good habits. 



Walnut executive desk



Walnut executive desk


Metal desk organizer

Paper tray desk organizer





When you're having an afternoon slump during the workday, this is the category that will help break through it. Similarly to getting high-quality furniture that you'll love for a lifetime from the earlier category, we recommend placing items that bring you joy throughout your home office. It's not about buying a bunch of random nick-nacks to fill up the space, it's about selecting meaningful pieces to make it more comfortable and creative. Here are a few ways to style your home office setup with things you love: 

  • Pick a scent that puts you in a great mindspace. If you like to switch it up from season to season, that works too! We'd suggest finding a candle or diffuser to have on while you're working. 
  • Bring in some greenery! That's something everyone here at Artifox loves. From succulents to snake plants⁠—select a couple of easy to maintain plants. Watering them each week can feel like a nice refreshing break. 
  • Placing local art on the walls or shelves to spark your creativity.
  • Display art books or magazines on a minimalist Desk or Bench to add your own personal touch and inspire ideas 

Look around, do you feel inspired and comfortable in your home office? Does it encourage good habits? Are you excited to work at your Desk? 

Check in and reassess. It can take time to create a home office setup you love but every small or big change is a step in the right direction towards a workspace you'll enjoy for a long time. 


Minimalist living 

White Metal Wall Shelf

Planter and desk organizer



Need help creating a home office setup you'll love? Email us at, we're here to help! 







Create a Home Office Setup You Love: A How-To Guide