Lift 101

 Black Edition LIFT


The Lift was built to optimize every workspace with its multi-level storage, magnetic surface and compatible design. Whether you’re a gamer or photographer, the Lift is designed to provide a place to store the essentials for optimal efficiency.   

Designed with the Desk and Artifox magnetic accessories in mind, the Lift works with nearly any horizontal surface and organizational tools. The Artifox team assembled a variety of setups to showcase how the Lift can fit your space. Some of these setups include:


White Oak LIFT


Plant Enthusiast
One monitor, one set of magnetic Pegs, everything in its place.
Hold books, pens and plants at your fingertips. 



Black LIFT


The Minimalist 
The Lifts's top shelf stores a laptop, office accessory holder and Pegs.
Eliminate distractions by keeping the lower shelf clear until the work day is done.


Walnut LIFT


Digital Dual 
Two monitors on the top shelf for optimal display.
Tech chargers, 15" macbook and loose notes on the lower shelf.


To enhance the Lift organization capabilities, pair it with magnetic accessories like Pegs and Bands to keep notebooks, writing tools and headphones in order.

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Lift 101