3 Home Office Setups featuring the White Oak and Bone Desk

Cultivating an energizing, positive home office setup can make or break your focus throughout the workweek. There are a few quick ways to create the ideal workspace including, adding plants, bringing in natural light, and hanging art or family photos. The White Oak and Bone Desk is a must-have if your goal is to create a home office that stimulates calmness and productivity. Its built-in dock, cable management, hooks, and protective surface make certain your workspace is personalized and organized.

As far as styling the White Oak and Bone Desk, it depends on your day-to-day tasks and workflow. We've rounded up three ways to set it up to create a beautiful home office:


Calm Creative

White Oak and Bone Desk, Large Stand, and Pegs

White Oak and Bone Minimalist Desk


Every creative knows that sometimes your workspace can get chaotic. You've got a lot of ideas flying around in your head! The White Oak and Bone Desk paired with a desk shelf and pen holder creates a dreamy home office setup that's easy to keep organized. By securely attaching the Large Stand to the Desk it can act as a desk shelf to store your office accessories and plants. The Pegs in White Oak are made with rare-earth magnets that attach to the Large Stand to create endless storage opportunities including a pen holder or bookends. 


Desk Shelf

Wood Pen Holder



Minimalist Musician

White Oak and Bone Desk, Small Stand, and Basket

White Oak and Bone Minimalist Desk


An artist's workspace doesn't need all the unnecessary bells and whistles that bring more clutter. Many times the instruments themselves provide enough inspiration to ignite creativity throughout the day to write and produce beautiful work. The White Oak and Bone Desk is the ideal workspace for a musician because the built-in Dock provides a place to store a tablet by sliding it into the Dock seamlessly or audio equipment when it's placed on attached stands. The Desk Hooks are also a key feature as they are the perfect spot to hold headphones. The Small Stand comes with or without a base—if you have the Desk you can attach it to the Dock, giving you an elevated place to display speakers or decorative Baskets


Desk Shelf

Handmade basket


Shared Simplicity

White Oak and Bone Desk, Large Stand, and Tray

White Oak and Bone Minimalist Desk Setup


Sharing a home office can be difficult, but if you have the right desk and office accessories you can create the ultimate workspace. Placing the White Oak and Bone Desks against one another and attaching Large Stands to the Docks makes a creative hub with just enough privacy. The Desk's Dock, Grid, and Hooks provide endless ways for each of you to personalize your workspace. In the example above, we've placed two Large Stands on the Dock to give each person an elevated desk shelf for office accessories and plants, along with a metal Tray to store writing utensils or small odds and ends. The Grid provides custom cable management because not everyone has the same tech setup. All in all, this home office setup is perfect whether you're collaborating or working on your own.

Metal desk organizer

Desk Cable Management Kit



Love these setups but still not sure if the Desk is for you? Here's more insight on how to choose the best Desk. Email us at info@theartifox.com with any questions. 







3 Home Office Setups featuring the White Oak and Bone Desk