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Our new and bestselling artifacts have recently been featured in a few of our favorite publications! If you're interested in optimizing your modern workspace or enhancing the look and feel of your living space, these informative reviews are here to help. 



The Minimal Bench 


The minimal, highly functional Bench is perfect for any home entryway or workspace. Find out why the press is loving it: 

"We’ve long been fans of the furniture from the guys at Artifox here at The Coolector whether it be their minimalistic bike stand or their working from home, the Standing Desk 02. Well, they’ve got some awesome new wares on their digital shelves now and none better than the versatile and effortlessly elegant Artifox Bench. This stylish piece of designer furniture will add a touch of class to any home or office and it can be used in a variety of ways depending on what you’re looking to achieve.

One of the coolest features of the Artifox Bench is the fact you can use the canvas scroll to hold laptops and magazines while the steel tray is a convenient place for your everyday tech devices like phones and headphones. The Bench also makes the ideal media console with plenty of space for all your devices and place to hide your cables. Hard wearing enough for sitting, functional enough for everything else. What’s not to like?" -Leo Davie, Owner of The Coolector


Walnut Minimal Bench

"If space is precious in your living space, your furniture needs to have more than one function than to simply look nice. In acknowledgment of such living situations, Artifox makes furniture that has classic craftsmanship, with attention to modernity, and technical storage and display options.

The Artifox Bench is a solid hardwood multi-use bench that comes in Walnut or White Oak. It has aluminum and steel hardware and gives you room to use it as a media console with lots of space to place an array of devices, and also storage space for cables, and peripherals." -Shane Breen, stupidDOPE





The Perfect Desk 


The perfect desk does exist! Creating a workspace that's both beautiful and functional can be difficult, but the Artifox Desk was designed to do just that. Learn more from these top publications: 

"This is a beautiful, white-oak-and-steel desk, smartly designed with a grid underneath to discreetly attach your chargers and cords to, pegs on which to hang your headphones, and a slot along the back for propping up your phone, tablet, and other materials. You can deck it out further with shelves, stands, and more Artifox accessories." -Sarah Rense, Lifestyle Editor at Esquire


White Oak Modern Desk

"Jeremy Kirkland, host of the Blamo! podcast, was another who told us that he “didn’t understand the value and importance of having a good desk until I started working from home.” Describing himself as a “laptop road warrior” before the pandemic, and always “editing at coffee shops”, Kirkland says he “now realizes my productivity in those environments was 20 percent.” The desk that got him to 100 percent, he says, is this solid-wood design from Artifox. It costs a little more than the others on this list, but Kirkland says the price is justified by the quality and craftsmanship of the wood, as well as its just right size for a “somewhat close quarters” apartment. He also likes its many thoughtful modern design details, including a hidden area at the back for cable storage and extension cords, pegs for hanging your headphones, and felt hooks that prevent your cables falling to the floor when you unplug your laptop or iPhone. “It’s so modular, with so many setups to fit the way you work,” he adds." -The Strategist 




The Modern Table 


Whether you have a tight space and need a table that can work in multiple ways or you have a large office and need an executive size desk, the Table will work for you. Find out why it's the ideal table from these publications: 

"Artifox develops beautiful furniture that combines old-fashioned craftsmanship and creative spitballing with sleek, modern tech integration. Their latest offering is the Modern Table, a sleek minimalist desk crafted from solid hardwood, aluminium and steel, and available in a choice of two different wood choices, walnut or white oak. The stylish piece functions as both personal workspace and communal gathering table, and features cable management beneath the surface, and two convenient slots that give access to cords from the center of the table. It also has leveling guides on feet for uneven surfaces, and a symmetrical design for use in any orientation." -Bless This Stuff



Walnut Modern Table


"The Artifox Table is whatever you want it to be. Sure, it's literally called "Table," but it's also a desk. The 70-inch by 36-inch table has enough to seat up to four people for a meal or a work session. The smartly designed Table has a hidden cable management system under the surface, and the cords are easily accessible from the middle of the table. The fact that the Table is easy to assemble and disassemble make this a piece of furniture you're going to have for a very long time no matter how often you move." -Gear Patrol




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