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Luxury Workspace or Communal Gathering Space
The Artifox Table is designed to be used as either an executive desk or dining table. Its design focuses on being functional for modern work and living spaces while maintaining a comfortable, beautiful aesthetic. Made in the USA from solid hardwood, aluminum, and steel for lasting durable and easy assembly. Available in Walnut, White Oak, Black Oak, and Whitewash Oak
“I LOVE my new Table. It is absolutely beautiful and the cord management is on point. It looks right at home next to my Eames lounger, and that’s about the highest compliment I can think of. “ 
- Jessica S

Executive Desk

The Artifox Table is the ideal executive desk for any home office or communal workspace. It's built with 2 cable grids underneath the surface to seamlessly organize powerstrips, cables, and chargers. You can easily access your cables by removing the 2 acrylic Tabs from the top surface. The Table’s large surface (L 70" x W 36") provides plenty of room to work and display office accessories. Besides being supremely functional, the Table's modern design aesthetic and high-quality materials will elevate any workspace.

Dining Table

Whether you're coming together for a delicious meal or creative brainstorm, the Table is the ultimate gathering place. It comfortably seats up to 4 people and provides access to charging cables underneath its surface. Easily keep your Bluetooth speaker charged and the music playing while you're spending time with friends and family. The Table's minimalist design is made with natural hardwood providing an aesthetic that's both stunning and inviting.

Communal Workspace

Whether you're working from home or at the office, a shared workspace is what many of us seek during the workday. The Table provides plenty of room for you and your family or co-workers to change up the scenery for a new perspective or to meet for a creative brainstorm. It's equipped with cable management below the surface while maintaining easy access from above, so your laptop, speakers or phone will stay charged. This inviting hardwood Table is the ideal place to pull up a chair and have a productive work session while being able to enjoy quality time with the people in your life.
The Artifox Table is whatever you want it to be. Sure, it's literally called "Table," but it's also a desk. The 70-inch by 36-inch table has enough to seat up to four people for a meal or a work session. The smartly designed Table has a hidden cable management system under the surface, and the cords are easily accessible from the middle of the table. The fact that the Table is easy to assemble and disassemble make this a piece of furniture you're going to have for a very long time no matter how often you move.

Artifox’s White Oak desk is aesthetically pleasing and it’s designed to last for years. I think of their desks at the intersection of modern and minimalistic design, and quality sourced materials. They also have a number of unique accessories that complement the desk.

Artifox develops beautiful furniture that combines old-fashioned craftsmanship and creative spitballing with sleek, modern tech integration. Their latest offering is the Modern Table, a sleek minimalist desk crafted from solid hardwood, aluminium and steel, and available in a choice of two different wood choices, walnut or white oak. The stylish piece functions as both personal workspace and communal gathering table, and features cable management beneath the surface, and two convenient slots that give access to cords from the center of the table. It also has leveling guides on feet for uneven surfaces, and a symmetrical design for use in any orientation.


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