3 Table Setups


"The perfect setup doesn't exi......" We're here to make sure your perfect setup does exist and it is as beautiful as it is productive. As it continues to get nicer outside, it becomes harder and harder to focus on working indoors. By creating a setup that's made up of quality products, inspirational pieces, and energizing plants, it will motivate you to not only complete your daily tasks but inspire you to put your creative mark on them. Here are 3 curated setups that pair the Table with acrylic and solid hardwood essentials:  


 Walnut x Mist


Walnut Table


The Walnut Table is a great place to start when you're creating your perfect setup. Made from solid hardwood, aluminum and steel - Table is engineered to last. The 2 cable grids can be configured in a number of ways and hidden magnets with leather Bands keep cords tidy. Remove the acrylic Tabs to conveniently access your cables from beneath the surface. 

By pairing the Mist Acrylic Collection with the Walnut Table and Side, it will create a beautiful, clean aesthetic and provide endless storage.

On your desktop, display your favorite books and journals in the luxury Mist Magazine Holder. Crafted from strong translucent acrylic, it will elevate the workspace in both your home and office. Eliminate clutter and stay organized with the designer Mist Paper Tray. The stackable design lets you create your own personalized storage system for all kinds of stationery and smaller items. Easily keep the everyday items such as writing utensils and scissors at your fingertips by storing them in the Mist Vessel

If you have items you don't use often or you want to keep your phone at a distance while you're working, use the well-rounded walnut Side table's dock with hidden cable management and drawer storage with a file folder bracket set included. 

Acrylic Mist MagazineArtifox Walnut Side

Acrylic Mist Paper TrayAcrylic Mist Vessel


White Oak x Mist 


White Oak Table


If you're looking for a workspace with a minimalistic style and soft hues, the White Oak Table paired with Mist Acrylic accessories will make it happen. With all the same clever design functions as the Walnut Table, the White Oak Table is made using white powder coated aluminum grids and mist acrylic tabs to provide the cable management features. 

The Mist Acrylic and White Oak materials combined will brighten up any space and provide a fresh, energizing vibe to the workday. 

Create multi-level storage by adding the White Oak Lift to any desktop to display monitors, notebooks, plants and more. Pair it with White Oak Pegs for endless magnetic styling and small office accessory storage options. The lower shelf holds a 15” macbook, keyboard, mouse, Paper Trays and notebooks. 


Acrylic Mist MagazineArtifox White Oak Lift

Acrylic Mist Paper TrayWhite Oak Pegs


Walnut x Smoke


Walnut Table


To create a luxury, adventurous workspace we've paired the Walnut Table and Lift with the Smoke Acrylic Collection. The Smoke accessories have a beautiful dark color and alluring transparency. The Smoke Vessel is a unique water-tight container and the perfect basin for small plants and succulents to bring the refreshing outdoors indoors. Its rounded features provide versatility and a softer touch to this modern setup. The handmade black leather Bands are a small, yet highly useful workspace essential. They snap to themselves using rare earth magnets to store keys, cables, dry-erase markers and even air plants. 


Walnut LiftAcrylic Smoke Paper Tray

Artifox Black BandsAcrylic Smoke Vessel


Did you pick your favorite setup but still have questions? Email us at info@theartifox.com for more details! 



3 Table Setups