The Ultimate Home Reset Guide: Sleeping, Working, Dining, and Living Space

The end of the year has arrived and many of us are looking forward to a fresh start. Since we have spent an extended amount of time at home this year, it may be the perfect time to reset your home into your personal oasis. We have selected four spaces to focus on: Sleeping, Working, Dining, and Living Space. 

Get ready to move into the new year with a clear space and mind. 

Sleeping Space 

“Even a soul submerged in sleep is hard at work and helps make something of the world.” — Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher

Sleeping space essentials

Your bedroom is where you rest and reset each morning and night. It sets the tone for your mood, making it an important part of your overall home. We’ve selected three artifacts to help you organize this space: 

An essential part of every bedroom is a quality nightstand. Our handmade Side table is built with a drawer, top shelf and custom Dock on the top surface. The drawer (approximately 13 1/8 W x 14 D x 9 1/4 H inside) gives you storage space for books, blankets, remotes or bedtime essentials you don’t need on display. The top shelf (approximately 11 1/4” D x 15.5 W x 5" H internal space) places the books you’re reading that week right at your fingertips or provides a tidy charging station for tech, while the Dock on the surface can hold your phone or tablet upright. By having an exact spot for your tech, it’s easier to logoff and go to sleep feeling organized. 

We recently introduced our Mini Shelf, this wall shelf is the ideal place for displaying smaller artifacts or as a bedside ledge for mobile devices. Its reversible design allows you to create endless styling options.

The Bench is one of those pieces that can tie the space together beautifully while being highly functional. It’s a great place to set your decorative pillows at night when you need to sleep or extra cozy blankets. We added two design details to the Bench to give you even more functionality, a canvas scroll to hold laptops or magazines and a steel tray to display plants, books or candles. The Bench can be placed anywhere throughout the space, including the end of the bed, to provide a wide variety of storage and display solutions.  



"Either you run the day, or the day runs you."  —Jim Rohn

Workspace essentials

It’s never been more important to have an organized workspace at home. Increase your overall productivity by creating a space that’s comfortable and inspiring. 

The first step is to get the space in order. Start by going through and recycling any papers you don’t need. Once you’ve sorted everything and the only papers and accessories left are essential, look into the pieces needed to display and store them. Our new Acrylic Collection is a great place to start for Paper Trays and Magazine Holders. Invest in a selection of handmade Baskets and magnetic storage solutions such as Pegs and Bands to store office accessories or writing tools. 

A new perspective may be what you need to spark the creativity. Try facing your desk and chair towards a window to give you a view of the outdoors. If you find yourself picking up a ton of unorganized cords, it may be time to switch to a new, tech-friendly Desk. Our Desk has the ability to not only organize your cords using the Grid, but secure a spot for your headphones, bags or scarves using the built-in Pegs. 

If you have a large space to fill or your work requires a wider surface, our new multifunctional Table is the ideal personal or shared workspace. The two cable grids underneath the surface can be configured in a number of ways and hidden magnets with leather bands keep cords tidy. The Table comes with three leather bands, six velcro straps and two acrylic tabs to keep your workspace organized throughout the workday. Its symmetrical design allows you to place and use it in any orientation. 

Elevate your workspace by adding a Lift or Large Stand to the surface of the Desk or Table. By utilizing a desktop organizer it will provide multi-level storage to display monitors, notebooks, and plants giving you more space to create. 

Once you have quality furniture and your ideal layout, add a few final touches. Bring the outdoors in by adding a few of your favorite plants throughout the workspace. Select a couple of framed photos of your friends and family to embrace happy memories throughout the day. If you have artwork that either inspires you or means something to you hang it on the wall or place it on wall shelves. 


Dining Space 

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." — Virginia Woolf

The dining room is where you gather with close friends and family each day for good food and conversation. Since many of us have been working from home, it may be doubling as a workspace as well. 

The first step to resetting your dining space is to clear the clutter. Over time it may have become a catchall for miscellaneous items because of it being a main place in the home where you work, meet and eat. 

The center of it all, is a great, hard-working table. We suggest having one you love. 

Made from solid hardwood, aluminum and steel, our Table is engineered to last through it all. Our design team worked to create a place where you can easily work or gather.

Removable acrylic Tabs are a design feature added to conveniently access your cables from beneath the surface, giving you a spot to charge your phone or laptop while you work. While the Table dimensions are L 70" x W 36" X H 28.75” giving you, along with your friends and family, plenty of space to come together to collaborate or enjoy a meal. 

Reset your dining space with a beautiful, functional Table so you can cherish the moments and relish the recipes. 


Living Space

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." —Maya Angelou

Living space essentials

The best way to reset your living space would be to edit down the items you have in the space. Select any accessories or tech that is essential to the way you use the room. Only having items you truly love or use in the space, it will give each item space to breathe and allow your eyes to rest. 

Once your space has been edited down to the essentials, ensure you have modern furniture that meets the space requirements for form and function. 

If you commute to work or leisurely ride a bike, place a vertical bike Rack in your living space to add a personal touch while ensuring your bike is stored safely. 

A Side table is a great addition to any living space. The surface can be used to store and charge tech, display headphones or create additional ambiance with a lamp. The drawer can be used for items you don’t use every day such as blankets, kid’s toys or cords and electronics. 

A modern, functional media console allows you to showcase your tech and everyday essentials creating a place for entertainment and enjoyment. The Bench has two unique storage capabilities which can add a personal touch to the space. Below we are using the canvas scroll to hold a few records and the steel tray to display cocktail essentials and a cactus. Under the Bench’s surface is additional open shelving for accessories or speakers. The shelf is 6” from top to bottom, 15 ½” in depth and 16 ½”on either side of its center block, perfect for storing speakers. The center support adds hidden storage for routers and power strips to be neatly organized and out of sight. 

After a long day, it’s a great spot to cozy up to your favorite record over a glass of the good stuff. 


If you’re interested in more information on the best way to reset your home or have specific artifact questions, reach out to us at! We’re here to help.

Artifacts are available in Walnut and White Oak, some include Black Oak.




The Ultimate Home Reset Guide: Sleeping, Working, Dining, and Living Space