The Acrylic Collection

Artifox began about seven years ago with the impactful artifact - Desk - created to be a modular workspace for the way we work while being able to withstand the test of time. It inspired a collection of accessories made from strong materials like wood and steel, and so in our search for a new material, Acrylic became the clear choice to use in the expansion of our organizational workspace.


While rethinking our organizational offerings, Acrylic was discussed early on in the conceptualization process because it brought a clean minimal feel to the warmth and organic nature of our hardwood pieces. Its malleable yet durable features gave our design team new ways to play with form and function in fun and interesting ways to create different container types. These incredibly strong artifacts are made from custom acrylic that’s resistant to heat and contains superior weathering properties, which means there will be no discoloration over time.  

With the addition of our larger crossover Table and requests from our community for more ways to clear the clutter on their desktop, the Acrylic Collection was created. The collection provides more options to organize everyday items while keeping them at your fingertips. Each artifact among the collection was designed to work well with a variety of workspaces, big or small. 

The horizontal Paper Tray and vertical Magazine Holder have a handsome translucent matte finish and add levels of dimension, creating a personalized storage system on any surface. These organizational artifacts allow you to keep accessories such as paper documents, stationery and books close by without causing distraction. The Paper Tray has a stackable function, giving you even more categorization opportunities when organizing your desktop. 



As for the Vessel, we've always incorporated a lot of green in our spaces in order to bring the outdoors in so we wanted to design a multifunctional container that could be used for both everyday items or plants. Knowing that was our end goal, it was a fun challenge for our design team and manufacturing partners to design a watertight container. After a couple of redesigns, we landed on the Vessel. The beautiful desktop accessory holder - that can also hold your favorite plant. The Vessel in Mist is an Artifox team favorite as a plant holder because you’re able to see the moisture level from the outside which puts a whimsical touch on the practical plant care solution that this container is providing. 

Mist Vessel Planter


We grew our wall organization collection by introducing Hook within the Acrylic Collection. It's extraordinary flush-mount design lets you mount it directly to your wall while hiding all fasteners for a clean and minimal look. By adding it to your office or entryway, you will have a go-to spot for your heaviest bags or gear as it will easily hold 15 lbs of weight. Pairing Hook with Shelf, Mini Shelf, Pegs and Rack makes for a much more functional space by utilizing your wall in a tight situation. 


Acrylic Wall Hook

From conception to completion, the Acrylic Collection has brought excitement to our entire team. By adding this new material to our desktop collection, we were able to create even more ways for our community to love the environment in which they live and work in every day. The juxtaposition of the materials used in our collections, hardwood and felt paired with powder-coated metal and acrylic, make for well-rounded textures that provide form and function to any space. 

Our Acrylic Collection is available in Smoke or Mist. We recommend pairing Smoke with Walnut and Mist with White Oak artifacts. However, they are interchangeable depending on the aesthetic of your surface or space. Shop the entire Acrylic Collection here


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The Acrylic Collection