The Best Accessories for a Curated Home and Office

Whether you purchase or rent a house, making it feel like home is top priority. Adding personal touches on each room is one of the best ways to create a home of your own. When you first design your ideal home, you start by selecting the priority items such as a dining table, couch, bed, or desk. Once you've chosen the larger items—the fun ensues. You can go wild with small accessories and personal touches.

We value thoughtfully curating a space that only has items you truly love or take pride in owning. Some of the smaller artifacts we recommend to showcase your essentials are the Bookend, Table Light, Mini Shelf, Pegs, Rack, and Valet Tray. Each of these are made using high-quality materials by local US craftspeople. 

Here are a few recent features that showcase our favorite artifacts, beautiful home office setups, and tips for a clutter-free minimalist lifestyle to inspire your pursuit of creating your perfect home. 


Emily Henderson Home Office Setup


The Dreamy Multifunctional Home Office / Living Space

Jess Bunge's, Editorial Director of Emily Henderson, home office setup is not only beautiful, it is multifunctional. One of the best ways to add a personal touch to your home office is by displaying your favorite books. By using our Bookend, Jess utilizes its sleek design to put select books on view to inspire her throughout the workday. On the other side of her monitor, she's using our wooden Pegs as a small office accessories and pen holder.

"That super cool pen and office tool holder that Artifox generously sent is so good. I love that the shape is super modern but it’s wood so it also looks and feels earthy. Plus it’s in theme with the hole in the chair… or at least it is to me. Oh, and the pegs are removable and are magnets! A cool pen holder is such an easy way to add personality to your desk. This one is a 10/10 for me." -Jess Bunge


Emily Henderson Home Office Setup


The Best Places to Shop for Minimalist Furniture

We believe in curating a space you love that provides you with a sense of calm. Modern-day minimalism is known for just that. It creates a clutter-free environment that's stress-reducing while highlighting your personal aesthetic. 

"When shopping for minimalist furniture, it's all about purchasing quality pieces that reflect your personal design aesthetic and have added functionality within each piece," Sarah Mirth, co-founder and CEO of Artifox, tells Hunker.

According to Mirth, minimalism isn't just a design style, but a mindset. "One of the things that we are focusing on at Artifox right now is how to live with purpose," Mirth says. "It's about staying organized with the objects you want to reveal and the necessary things you'd prefer to conceal. Everything you need is either on display and celebrated or tucked away to create the most usable, enjoyable environment to live or work in without any extra clutter."

Discover how to shop for minimalist furniture and a list of the best places to shop, including Artifox!


Minimalist Modern Living Space


A Calming Organized Home Library 

Maisy Leigh's, content creator and tech enthusiast, new cozy bookshelf and home library is built up of books, plants, and personal momentos. Our Bookend in Sand fits in perfectly on the second to top shelf by securing her books and creating a magnetic surface to display notes or polaroids. 


Maisy Leigh's Cozy Home Library


A Valet Tray to Create a Clutter-Free Surface 

This catchall leather tray can hold your everyday carries and ease any stress surrounding the daily search for keys, headphones, and more. Hand-stitched from latigo leather, this beautiful piece was designed to stand up to everyday use and will continue to look better with age. Use it anywhere you need small storage such as your entryway, desktop, or coffee table. Find out how a Valet Tray can make life a little more organized.


 Leather Valet Tray


The small details throughout a home are what make it yours. A collection of meaningful items that have designated spots to keep you inspired throughout the day. 

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The Best Accessories for a Curated Home and Office