ARTIFOX Monument Stand - Charcoal

Spring Reset

With spring comes the season of cleaning and decluttering your space. We’re here to help you find just the right tools to get your home in better shape and set up in your ideal way. Having a clean and beautiful workspace helps to increase your productivity, so why not get started now? Keep reading to see how to best update your space for the season and get rid of the unwanted clutter and chaos. 

Spring is a time filled with lighter colors, airy spaces, and just the right amount of detail to make a space look put together. This is the perfect combination for us so let’s fill your home with light and minimal pieces that will have you feeling productive without even trying.
A large part of spring cleaning is the inevitable organization that comes with it. And what better way to organize your workspace than with our mist acrylic pieces? The Magazine Holder, Paper Tray, Vessel, and Hook will be a great addition to your desk and will make any space look clean and tidy. Ideal for storing books, files, journals, etc., these pieces are designed to let you create your own personalized storage system that fits any setup. Crafted from strong translucent acrylic in the Artifox aesthetic, it will elevate the workspace in both your home and office.
Spring cleaning isn't just about the workspace or desk setup, it’s about the entirety of your home. Making space in order to have a mind at ease and creating your ideal living situation is at the top of our list. One of our favorite pieces to bring life into your home this season is our White Oak Rack. A vertical bike rack that brings your ride inside in a modern and minimal way. Perfect for the outdoorsy type or those who bike to work and back. Rack makes things easy, efficient, and will leave you feeling stress free about your storage.
Bike never looked so good. Our Artifox walnut bike racks are a perfect addition to the Once Films Studio. Functional, simple, and designed to last. Bike parking never looked so good! 
- Chris R
Another piece we recommend for your home this spring is our White Oak Bench. A multifunctional find that will bring any room together. This bench contains a wide variety of storage options and display solutions, giving you the freedom to style it however you see fit. Entry ways, media consoles, coffee tables, and more. Store your clutter and hide your devices with Bench.
Beautiful sleek functional. Looks amazing in my living room and serves as a coffee table too.
- Cale L
Needing a refresh in your desk setup? We have that covered. Perfect for any work space and perfect for spring is our White Oak + Bone Desk. A modern desk that adapts to your needs and helps you create your dream work setup. Made to fit all of your accessories in an organized manner, you’ll have no problem finding a place for everything you need. You could also pair this with our White Oak Lift, Small Stand, or Large Stand for a cohesive and polished look.
Wonderful! Amazing quality, easy to assemble, met my high expectations!
- Mackinley R
One thing everyone needs in their home is a good shelf situation and we feel confident we can help you with that. This minimalist wall Shelf adds storage and functionality to any space and is completely customizable in how you choose to set it up. Place in your office for books, electronics, and notepads. Mount it in your entryway for keys and photographs. Or use it as a creative landscape for whatever you are needing that day. Our White Shelf is a great addition to any home this spring allowing you to showcase your favorite items in an effortless way.
Very well made I’m so pleased with my purchase! It was super easy to install with the provided hardware and it looks amazing in my home.
- Peprah M
With the start of spring beginning in just a few short weeks, we hope this provides you with some great tools and tips on how to tidy up your space, refresh your home, and get in the mindset for the season ahead. There is nothing better than feeling focused while also relaxed in your space every day and we are eager to help you achieve just that.