ARTIFOX Monument Stand - Charcoal

Rack Your Ride This Spring

With the new spring season just around the corner, it’s time to start updating your home. Warmer days ahead means more time spent outdoors and less time stuck inside. Our Rack is the perfect way for you to bring your outdoors in and make the most of your space. Keep reading to see why we love the Rack and why it would make a great addition to your setup this season whether organizing a bike collection in your home or creating a convenient space for the whole team in your corporate office.
No garage? No problem. This vertical bike rack brings your ride right into your living space in a compact and organized way. Perfect for the minimalist who wants to keep a space clean and tidy and stay rid of the clutter.
With a unique mounting system that is great for quick installation, the Rack self-levels along any surface in your home with a mounting system that will stay hidden with a cleverly placed magnet. The slim design is perfect for storing multiple bikes in one area for you, your family members, or colleagues. Made in the USA, It's built from solid hardwood and sealed with a satin finish to highlight the natural wood grain.
Available in three colors; Walnut, White Oak, and Black Oak, this piece fits naturally in pretty much any space and will provide your room with a fresh look. Is your home a bit of a tight space? No worries here. The Rack’s minimal design helps to fit your bike in a small space which leaves room for a mess-free mindset. Perfect for the season of decluttering.
Rack is also great for those who are always on the go. Riding your bike to the office? We’ve got you. The minimal and sleek design will fit just right in your workspace so you can enjoy your morning commute without the stress of wondering where to store your ride in the office.
With or without your bike, Rack will make any space look great. As a beautifully designed piece, it is made for those with a mid-century modern mindset and an eye for minimalism.
If you love to explore your city on your own two wheels, we’ve got you. With a sleek design that always keeps your ride secure, this piece is the perfect way to display your bike with pride. Here to help you store your essentials, make space this season with Rack.