ARTIFOX Monument Stand - Charcoal

Our Trade Program Is Here To Help You

Artifox pieces are about more than just making your home feel like a place of peace and focus. We also love working with companies to create that ideal workspace for their employees, a nice stay for hotel guests, a welcoming lobby for businesses, and so much more. That’s where our Trade program comes into play. For the professionals outfitting corporate, residential or hospitality projects, we are here to help.

A large aspect of the Artifox brand is community. It is one of our goals to bring people together in a space that feels like home. A space where they can feel productive, relaxed, collaborate with others, etc. It is our hope that this trade program can help accomplish just that.
While we love helping you create your work from home setup, we can also be of service in constructing a corporate office or professional workspace for all types of businesses. It’s so important to provide a workspace for employees that feels up to par while also creating a comfortable working environment for everyone. One of our biggest products to come into play here is the Desk. With a range of built in accessories, a minimalist aesthetic, and an easy installation process, they’re perfect for an office space whether large or small. Other accessories that would work well in an office setup would be our Lift, Pegs, Large Stand, Acrylic Collection, and so much more.
Create a dynamic and multifunctional workspace for employees and office members that can fit any office culture. We want to help you put together a space that makes everyone feel included. Rack gives those the opportunity to store their bikes at work for an easier commute while also giving the office an updated and modern look.
Other than our many office and workspace pieces here at Artifox, we have many products for your home that bring a sense of comfortability to a space. But why stop at living rooms and bedrooms? We can help to create an ideal suite in a hotel room, a welcoming lobby, an interior lounge space or a common area that brings people together.The Form Seating Collection is great for any space welcoming guests to gather. With so many different options, you are sure to find a set of chairs that work well and look perfect in your place of business. From bar stools to kitchen seating, we have just what you need.
Another product that fits in any room nicely and adds a bit of warmth and comfort to the space is Side. A modern, minimalist piece with just the right amount of storage. It’s also perfect for file storage and has cable management on top for your phone, tablet or accessories. Bench is another great piece to add to any room. Containing a wide variety of storage and display solutions, it makes the perfect media console with space for all your devices. With so many other accessories available here at Artifox, we will have your space looking just the way you want it.
Along with making our pieces work in corporate offices and boutique hotels, we also love to see how a few very talented designers have styled them as well. The way Bleu Leman Design set up Walnut Desk is exactly what we love to see happening with Artifox pieces. This Desk pairs well with her colorful decor while also standing out as the statement of the room.

Another beautiful space designed by SHED Architecture + Design with our White Oak Desk. We love seeing how this room came together with a mid-century modern design. The minimalist design of Desk brings together the rest of the workspace and helps to utilize the space in a new way
Let us help you create a curated experience that will make your guests or team members feel right at home. Find unique pieces that complete any space while adding productivity, organization, and ease. We can’t wait to get your space styled and add those finishing touches with pieces that are built to last. Apply now for special rates, concierge support and easy purchasing.