ARTIFOX Monument Stand - Charcoal

Get Organized This Spring

Now that we have fully entered spring and are officially on the road to summer, the time to get organized is down to the wire. Luckily, we’re here to help. With just a few Artifox accessories, your home will feel orderly, put together, and ready for productivity.

We know that getting organized can sometimes feel overwhelming and like a never ending cycle, but we promise to guide you through it in the simplest way possible. Follow along for some helpful tips and tools on how to get your space ready so once summer hits, you’re feeling stress free.

One of the best ways to feel organized and focused is to get your home office in order. It’s important to create a setup that helps you feel productive and ready to take on the day. We have a few accessories that are perfect for setting up your desk at home and will get your office nice and tidy. 

The first products to talk about are from the Acrylic Collection. These pieces are made for organizing your clutter. From Magazine holders, to Paper Trays and more, we have just the right products for you. Available in two  colorways: Mist and Smoke, these pieces will be sure to elevate your space.
Another product that fits well in your home office is Lift. Our desk setups can become so cluttered with multiple screens and office supplies, that’s why Lift is a great edition to your space. This desktop organizer provides multi-level storage to display monitors, notebooks, plants and more. Also available in three different colors, Walnut, Black Oak, and White Oak, it is designed to pair well with any surface.
Other products that are great for constructing your ideal setup are Large Stand and Small Stand. Both designed to seamlessly integrate into your Desk, Side or Table with tool-less attachment to help you maximize your workspace. Perfect for storing books, plants, speakers, etc. these pieces will help you create an efficient setup with optimal storage.
If you are looking to organize other parts of the home besides a home office or desk, we recommend Bench for your living space. Built to hold laptops and magazines while also providing a convenient place for your everyday tech devices. Bench is also great for your entryway. It’s an easy way to store shoes, tote bags, and your everyday essentials in a compact and aesthetic way. Lastly, this piece makes the perfect media console providing space for all your devices and seamlessly hides cables and chargers, giving a functional yet classic look to your household. Engineered to last, Bench contains a wide variety of storage and display solutions

A few other small organizational tools that we always suggest for decluttering are Pegs, Hooks, Bookends, Bands, Shelves, and more. All of these items allow you to showcase your space in a way that looks organized but feels easy. Our goal is to bring you focus, productivity, and confidence in your space all while looking effortless.