ARTIFOX Monument Stand - Charcoal

Modern Desk Setup with @ThisIsE

We recently had the opportunity to collaborate with creator @ThisIsE on a few Artifox products. One of our favorite things is seeing how you create your space using our pieces and how the space comes together. After watching Iskren's easy assembly and beautiful setup utilizing each Artifox product, you'll be ready to refresh your setup as well. 

Follow along to get an inside perspective on how to assemble Desk, set up your cables, pair it with Monument, Lift and so much more.

Iskren really focuses on the modern and timeless aspects of the Desk setup. He enjoys the minimalistic aesthetic and wanted a piece that could help him accomplish three things: Ultra minimalism, multi device functionality and hyper-productivity. With the Artifox Desk, he would have no problem achieving just that.
Although Desk is compact, it is a piece with a lot to offer. Iskren describes it as “Not particularly large, but huge when it comes to its presence.” With room for your monitor and a grid for your cables, Desk has plenty of space for other accessories that can add functionality to the setup. Iskren also claims it as “the easiest assemble process I’ve ever seen.”

One of the accessories that Iskren decided to use to amplify his workspace is Lift. Arriving fully assembled, Lift has a farro magnetic surface to work seamlessly with the rest of our magnetic accessories. Use the shelf to place your monitor on top and store other devices such as a macbook or ipad below. Lift is also great if you’re wanting to add speakers to your setup. Iskren shows us how he makes room for his added accessories, creating an ideal workspace curated just for him. Perfect for an organized and practical setup or as Iskren refers to it, “A workspace that's both cutting edge and enduring.”
The other accessory that Iskren went with for this LG setup is Monument. On his desktop, there's no better accessory. It's “an ideal partner for the iPhones standby mode”. Since Desk comes with a built-in dock system, it is extremely easy to hide any cords and cables, giving your workspace a clean and polished look.
Overall, we are so happy to see how this setup came together. With an easy to assemble process and attention to detail, he was able to create a space that truly captures the timeless practicality of our products. Recreate Iskren’s setup with the products featured below.