ARTIFOX Monument Stand - Charcoal

Build Your Perfect Entryway

What’s the first thing you see when you walk into your home? For most of us, it’s an entryway or small space where we feel welcomed home. As the first impression of the house, we want this space to feel warm and inviting, not cluttered and disorganized. It sets the tone and reflects your personal style, hopefully complementing the rest of your home. We’re here to help you create an entryway that makes you excited to come back home to an organized space every day. 

With just a few easy steps and some simple tools, we can help you curate an ideal setup. Follow along to see the pieces we recommend and how you can introduce functional yet stylish pieces to create a welcoming atmosphere for both you and your guests.

The first step in any entryway is a handy storage solution. We all need a place to put our keys, shoes, bags, and coats. But the question is, how do we make it aesthetically pleasing? Our Bench is a great place to start. With your choice of four different color options: Walnut, White Oak, Black Oak, and Whitewash Oak, you can find a piece that fits your style and decor effortlessly.

Bench is equipped with multiple functions and so many ways to store your items. You can use the canvas scroll to hold laptops and magazines, or use the steel tray for your everyday tech devices. With a convenient built-in shelf below that’s perfect for your shoes or bags, and a sleek top where you can place plants, blankets, candles, etc., you have plenty of room to store your personal items in a way that feels just right for you.

Another piece that fits great in any entryway is Shelf. In the entryway of your home, a carefully curated Shelf serves as both a practical storage solution and a stylish focal point, so why not use a product that showcases your items in a sleek and well-organized way? With a seamlessly effortless look on your wall, you can use this Shelf to hang your keys or wallet for easy access, or use it for decorative accents such as ceramic vases, woven baskets, and artfully arranged books. Shelf has a way of adding personality and charm to the area, giving your home a great first impression.
The next item that would have your entryway looking warm and welcoming is Table Light. While natural light is nice, a subtle lamp can add so much to a small space. It gives the room a warm glow, creating a soft and elegant ambiance in the entryway of your home. Our specific design is made for the minimalist and is built to be displayed in a modern environment. Its simple geometry is free of harsh angles and it also features a shallow tray for storing small items such as keys or wallet to help tidy up the space. Place Table Light on your Bench or Shelf to create an even more put together entryway.
Lastly, the perfect accessory to add to an entryway is Hook. Great for holding bags, jackets, hats etc., Hook mounts directly to your wall for a clean and minimal look. Their simple yet refined design complements the entryway's aesthetic, while their functionality ensures a clutter-free environment. Hook will also give a sense of hospitality, inviting guests to store their belongings and making them feel right at home as soon as they walk in the door.
Overall, we have many Artifox pieces that can help your entryway feel inviting to both you and your guests. With just a few simple tools and tricks, you can create a space that suits you and sets just the right mood for your home.