DESK 02 101

January 28, 2020

DESK 02 101



The DESK 02. Our founders, Sarah and Dan, dreamt up a modern workspace and the DESK 02 was born. We partner with trusted mid-sized manufacturers in the US to build the modern desk using high-quality solid hardwood and powder coated steel. Each function is designed and every material is selected by hand. The design focuses on being compatible with tech and workday accessories to allow for personalization. The build focuses on using only the best materials to ensure durability for a long-lasting workspace. 

The DESK 02’s lightweight design is shipped ready to assemble in minutes. Equipped with a KNOT and six BANDS to organize and hold your cords in place. A clutter-free setup will improve focus and overall productivity, that’s why the DESK 02 is built with a Dock, Grid and Hooks. 




The perfect resting place for your tablet or phone. Soft felt KNOTS hold cables in place, right where you need them.





A clean and universal solution to cable management anchoring chargers below the desk surface.




Built-in PEGS serve as hooks for all manner of personal items - headphones, bags, scarves, etc.





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