Jonathan Morrison's Dream Office: Part 1


Jonathan Morrison is the one to follow if you’re looking for the latest products and gadgets to elevate your office space. The ARTIFOX DESK 02 is Jonathan’s favorite tech desk and we couldn’t be more excited about it! The DESK 02 is available in either sit or stand options and a variety of styles including: White Oak, WalnutBlack Solid Oak.

In the Dream Office / Studio Setup Tour, the Techfast Lunch&Dinner team chose the sitting DESK 02 in Walnut paired with a bone top. The Pegs are a design detail that Jonathan utilizes for his headphones and backpack; these built-in hooks ensure his workspace stays clean and organized.

Several DESK 02’s in the office are seamlessly integrated with our Walnut SMALL STAND to hold each team members preferred high-quality speakers. You’ll also find a TRAY on the DESK 02 Dock to store keys, change, pencils….or Jonathan had a creative idea, to keep your snacks there too. Go for it!

This Dream Office exhibits a stylish, modern appearance while highlighting the importance of an organized workspace. The DESK 02 unifies the office while still allowing each team member to personalize their setup.

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Jonathan Morrison's Dream Office: Part 1