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DESK 02 Black

Photo by @caitblu


"One of his favorite spots 🐶🖤 @theartifox DESK 02 gives us both plenty of space! Happy Friday." -Cait Del Mar

Cait utilizes the PEGS on the DESK 02 Black Edition to hang her headphones. The workspace includes a desktop setup, notebook, and succulent. 

Black Wall Shelf White Oak Pegs Black Bands

Photo by @_k0pasetic


"Just In! Can’t wait to set up this bad boy. The SHELF has clean minimalistic aesthetics and it’s uniquely built for functionality. PEGS and BANDS are also a must. Thoughtfully packaged, that it makes you want to keep everything. Great overall experience, A definite essential for your home. Stay tuned for the full setup. @theartifox #SHELF #artifox" -KO

The ARTIFOX unboxing experience is the first step to creating a beautiful, functional space. KO paired his SHELF in Black with White Oak PEGS and BANDS to keep his daily essentials organized and in place.

DESK 02 Walnut Bone Top

Photo by @marcelo14silva


"Happy Monday! 🤙🏼" -Marcelo Silva

Marcelo's setup is designed to make Monday the most productive day of the week. This Designer, Photographer & Storyteller's workspace combines creativity and functionality seamlessly. Our Large and Small STAND integrate with his DESK 02 in Walnut with a Bone Top to elevate the setup.


ARTIFOX Featured Workspaces - Discovered setups with their own stories.

Featured Workspaces