Setup In Minutes


Our team brought out the White Oak Desk to show you how easy and minimal the setup can be. Shipped flat-packed, the Desk can be assembled in minutes. The best part is that it can be disassembled and reassembled multiple times because of the quality of construction, meaning the Desk can travel with you when moving from place to place.

Every Desk unboxing experience will include 1 Desk, 1 Knot and 6 Straps. The Desk includes adjustable feet to use on uneven surfaces and rear notch for monitor mount and large cables. The soft felt Knot hugs your cables in place and keeps them from slipping. The reversible gray/black velcro Straps secure your cables, power strips and chargers below the Desk on the built-in Grid. 

Now that you've seen how easy assembly and disassembly can be, the hardest part is deciding which setup fits your style: White Oak, Walnut or Black



The Rack is a vertical storage system that's worthy of displaying your most prized possession. This solid wood rack is designed to look great even without your bike. Whether you're tight on space or simply want to feature your favorite ride - draw it out from the garage and into your living space. Installation consists of a unique mounting system that self-levels the rack along any surface while a cleverly placed magnet conceals the final screw. Made in the USA. Also available in Black Oak or Walnut.



This vertical floating Shelf can be hung in either orientation to create a unique accent to your space. It's made with powder coated steel and utilizes the power of magnets to create endless compositions of storage and functionality. Choose from Chalkboard Black or Dry-Erase White.


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Setup In Minutes