Frank Passalacqua's Setup

Frank Passalacqua, aka randomfrankp, is a YouTube Content Creator focused on reviewing tech, primarily gaming keyboards and PC setups. Recently, Passalacqua created a clean, minimal setup separate from his jam-packed studio full of a wide-range of tech equipment. 

Our White Oak and Bone Desk is the best desk for his workspace oasis. The Dock provides a sleek, easy-access spot to route cables, mount shelves, or store a phone or tablet. The built-in Pegs are great for holding headphones when his on pause from editing, gaming, or listening to music. 

We asked Passalacqua a few questions to learn more about his background in reviewing tech, what his tech must-haves are, and his favorite Artifox Desk feature. 



1. How did you start reviewing tech? What’s something you always look out for when you’re reviewing? 

I started reviewing tech because when I was in college and wanted to upgrade my gaming headset or keyboard, for example, I’d always check YouTube for reviews first. Half the time, the reviews back then were lacking heavily and most questions I had were never answered - so I figured I’d give it a shot myself and tell viewers everything they’d want to know before making a purchase decision. Every tech product is different, but one thing I look for when reviewing is if the audience can actually benefit from it. I get offered to review a lot of stuff, and not all of it is up to par, let’s say, so I really want to make sure what I’m recommending and reviewing is something people can actually use and enjoy.

2. Name 3 must-have tech items for a minimal office setup. No matter your profession.

Orbitkey Nest: This thing is awesome for any desktop or travel bag on the go. Not only does it double as a gift storage device or cables, hard drives, literally anything, but the top of it is also a wireless charger.

Philips SHP9500 Headphones: For the price, these cans are a steal. They sound phenomenal and with its open-back design, the soundstage is wider than a traditional pair of headphones. This means instead of it sounding like you have drivers delivering audio into your ears, you are now in the middle of your music, or gaming audio. It’s a really unique experience. This does mean people around you will also hear what you’re listening to, so it’s not the best for the work environment, but the trade-off if you’re working from home will definitely be worth it if you’ve never tried open-back headphones.

Pwnage Ultra Custom: Those in need of a mouse upgrade should definitely look into where the company Pwnage is going with their wireless mice. They give people the choice between an ergonomic or symmetrical design, they’re lightweight at around 65g, and have a bunch of different shell colors to match your setup or theme.

3. What is your favorite feature of the Artifox Desk and why?

My favorite feature of the Artifox Desk is definitely the cable grid. Having all the mounting points on the back is super convenient so no cables or power bricks are hanging down on the floor. Aesthetically as well, it looks nice (which is odd to say about a cable grid, but come on, that’s nice!)



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Frank Passalacqua's Setup