Black Oak x Smoke Setup

Welcome your workspace to the dark side. In this writeup, you’ll learn more about each artifact within this statement setup and discover their hidden details. 

The modern Black Oak Desk is made in the US using locally sourced solid white oak and black powder-coated steel. The white oak is stained with pure black ink, then sealed with a sleek satin finish to create a durable, long-lasting Desk. The black powder-coated steel is used to create the Grid for strong cable management, the Dock to ensure stability when storing items, and to attach the legs for easy, non-intrusive assembly and disassembly. 

The Black Oak Desk includes: convenient Pegs for hanging bags and headphones, metal Grid for attaching cables, built-in Dock for devices and modular accessories, adjustable feet for uneven surfaces, and rear notch for a monitor mount and large cables. 




By securely attaching the Black Oak Large Stand to the Dock using the provided thumbscrews, you're able to elevate your laptop, monitor, or office accessories giving you more space on your desktop. The steel surface of the Large Stand is ferromagnetic making it compatible with our magnetic Mini Pegs and Bands to supply you with endless styling possibilities. 


Acrylic is the newest addition to our hand-selected list of high-quality materials. The curated list of must-have office accessories available in this material are either Smoke or Mist - both have a sleek translucent matte finish. 

The Smoke accessories have a beautiful dark color and alluring transparency. Each acrylic accessory, has a small, perfectly placed ARTIFOX logo cut into it, adding a clever detail to the overall setup. 



The Smoke Paper Tray is 100% acrylic and stackable. Two Paper Trays will easily slide under the Lift or Large Stand, offering additional hidden storage. Place any office accessory including paper clips, sketches, or stationery in the Paper Trays for easy, yet concealed, access. 



The Smoke Magazine Holder gives the setup vertical storage, adding dimension to the overall workspace. The Magazine Holder’s dimensions are W 3.75” x H 12.5” x D 9.75” which gives you the ability to store a wide variety of books, tablets, or journals. The openness of this accessory provides a place where you can display a few of your thought provoking, beautiful books or magazines to add more character to the overall setup.  



The Smoke Vessel is one of the most versatile accessories in the Acrylic Collection. Giving the option to use it as a storage device for writing tools, stationary or as a water-tight planter to add some greenery to the setup. Its rounded features provide versatility and a softer touch to any modern setup.

Interested in this Black Oak x Smoke setup but still have questions? Email us at for details. 





Black Oak x Smoke Setup