5 Ways to Style the Bench



The Bench, crafted in the US from Walnut or White Oak has endless possibilities when designing your space. We wanted to design a multifunctional piece to give our community more ways to entertain, store and relax. The hardwood materials give it a rich, natural look while remaining modern with its smooth, silky finish. By using hardwood, steel and canvas as the materials you’re given a variety of textures to play with throughout your space. There are three ideal spots for additional storage: the removable canvas scroll, steel tray and lower shelf. Learn 5 ways to use this luxurious Bench, along with how to use each of the storage features.


The entry or foyer is the first impression of the space. By placing the slim, sleek Bench against a stairwell or wall it becomes a beautiful central hub for friends and family to slip on their shoes and store everyday carries. The steel tray is the perfect place to store your sunglasses, phone, and keys, along with displaying a plant in our Vessel to provide a welcoming vibe when you first walk in. We designed the Bench to provide storage for shoes underneath it, that way you won’t have to worry about putting every pair of shoes on the lower shelf. We recommend hanging multiple Hooks and Mini Shelves above the Bench for additional storage and interesting dimensions.




Every workplace needs more storage spots and places to take a seat for a quick collaboration session. The versatile Bench can be placed in a personal office or meeting room for additional seating or storage. Its steel tray can be a charging station for your phone, while the canvas scroll can hold magazines for mood board inspiration. We recommend stacking our Paper Trays on the lower shelf to create ample storage for office papers and accessories. The Bench is large and strong enough to seat two people, creating another spot for coworkers to come together and collaborate on projects. Improve your overall productivity by including this versatile, beautiful artifact to your workspace! 

Media Console

This modern Bench works seamlessly as an entertainment center, media console or TV stand. Keep your living space organized by placing speakers or voice command devices on the top surface for amplified sound, remotes in the steel tray and books in the canvas scroll for accessibility. If you enjoy listening to music, a record player fits perfectly on the top surface of the Bench - and looks great too!  

 Coffee Table


Use the versatility of the Bench in your living room as a coffee table. Place the Bench in the center of your seating area, display candles or place your phone on the steel tray, and store your laptop in the canvas scroll to create a cozy, organized living space. If you have friends and family over, easily create additional seating by moving the Bench to the side for extra seating. The top is a flat, durable surface creating an ideal place to rest your morning coffee or evening cocktail - the hardwood is sealed with a strong finish but we still recommend using a coaster for drinks. 

Bonus - If you have an open floor plan, the Bench can be used as a room divider to help distinguish between rooms. By doing so, the space can feel more orderly and efficient. 

Beside/End of Bed

Depending on the size of your bed, the Bench can be placed at the end of the bed as a visual anchor. If the Bench’s dimensions do not work with your bed size (L 69.5" x W 19" X H 16.25”), then we recommend placing it against any empty wall or under a window in your bedroom. The Walnut or White Oak Bench is the perfect place to take a seat to put on your socks or for a quick meditation before the day begins. The steel tray can hold aromatherapy or reed diffusers to create a relaxing ambiance. Add your favorite display books to the lower shelf to add an inspiring personal touch. At the end of a long day, store your throw pillows on the Bench’s top or lower surface or use it to set out your outfit for the following day. It’s placed in your bedroom to not only look beautiful but keep you organized! 

Interested in the Bench, but still have questions? Email us at info@theartifox.com for more information! 






5 Ways to Style the Bench