2 Ultimate Setups


After almost a year of working from home, it’s the perfect time to reward yourself with the ultimate setup. Whether you prefer a modern walnut or minimalist white oak look, we’ve styled two setups to inspire your ideal work from home space. A tidy, elevated space not only adds beautiful design to your home, it allows you to become more productive throughout the day. 



White Oak x Mist


This White Oak Table setup will have you feeling refreshed Monday through Friday (you may love it so much that you pop in there on the weekend too, who knows!) The combination of natural white oak grain, translucent acrylic, and white powder coated steel gives this setup a minimal luxurious look. 

The multifunctional Table is made in the USA from locally sourced hardwood and aluminum for lasting durability.
You deserve a Table built to last a lifetime, not one that needs to be replaced every couple of years.




The essentials we selected for this clean, refined workspace are the Vessel, Mini Shelf, Bands and Magazine Holder. The water-tight Vessel can be used multiple ways, for this particular setup we chose to store a succulent. Its translucent material adds a creative touch. While styling a workspace, we are mindful of the surroundings and consistently use the walls to our advantage to store items as well as display pieces we enjoy. The white Mini Shelf paired with the magnetic White Oak Mini Pegs and white Bands creates a beautiful storage system. By stacking two Mini Shelves, you’ll add more interesting dimension and storage to your setup. The Mist Magazine Holder showcases and stores your favorite journal or magazines perfectly, keeping you organized and inspired. 


A minimalist setup where innovations come naturally.




Walnut x Smoke



The Walnut Table creates a rich, inviting workspace with plenty of room to create. 

A modern Table designed with your tech in mind, access cables and chargers from beneath the surface by easily removing the acrylic Tabs. Below are two cable grids for attaching power as well as hidden magnets and leather bands to keep cords tidy. 

The dimensions are L 70" x W 36" x H 28.75” which allow for multiple monitors, speakers or more space to sketch. 



The staple artifacts we’ve selected for the Walnut Table workspace are the Magazine Holder, Hook, Paper Tray, and Vessel in Smoke. The Magazine Holder adds dimension to the desktop while providing a polished storage solution. Hang it all up with our simple yet clever wall Hook. We recommend hanging 2-3 side by side for quality wall organization. The Hook will easily hold 15 lbs of weight so you can use it for your bags and gear. Keep the good vibes going by eliminating clutter and staying organized with our designer Paper Tray. Its stackable design will allow you to store loose papers in one tray and small office accessories in the other. The Paper Tray also provides an ideal storage system under the LiftThe Vessel can be used to hold a plant or small office accessories on your desktop to create a relaxing, orderly environment.


A modern setup keeping you focused on the journey and carrying out your goals.




These setups were styled to inspire you, keep in mind we have endless workspace options. If you have questions or need style suggestions, email us at info@theartifox.com! We’re here to help.




2 Ultimate Setups