Ideal Monitor Stand

The Artifox Lift and Large Stand were designed to not only store office accessories to provide additional space on your desk but elevate your monitor or laptop. This improves your posture and creates an ergonomic home office setup. Discover what each one offers including its dimensions, features, and aesthetic.

Lift - Monitor Stand Dual

“It's beautiful, it's simple, it's perfect for my needs.”- Jared G
The Artifox Lift is handmade to transform any horizontal surface into an elevated, organized workspace. Its multi-level storage, magnetic surface, and compatible design make it a superior monitor stand. Designed with office essentials in mind, we included a desk shelf underneath the top surface to store anything from a laptop to notebooks. The magnetic powder-coated surface allows for endless styling options when you pair it with our magnetic accessories like Pegs and Bands. Made in the USA from solid walnut and powder-coated steel. Available in Walnut, Black Oak, and White Oak.

Monitor Stand Dual

Position two monitors on the top surface to easily transition between tasks.

Universal Design

Designed as a stand-alone desk shelf to work with most horizontal surfaces.

Built-in Storage

Easily store a laptop, notebooks, or organizer tray on the lower desk shelf.


Large Stand - Monitor Stand

“Appreciate the quality and features. Even the box/packaging was high quality, like buying an Apple product.” - Brian S
The Artifox Large Stand was designed to seamlessly attach to the Artifox Desk using thumbscrews to securely elevate a monitor to eye-level or display everyday office essentials. Its sleek, compatible design makes it the ideal desk shelf for creating a minimalist home office setup. Made in the USA from solid walnut and powder-coated steel. Available in Walnut, Black Oak, and White Oak.

Compatible Attachment

Designed to securely attach to the Artifox Desk using tool-less thumbscrews.

Minimal Aesthetic

Sleek design that elevates your monitor while leaving plenty of space to work.

Magnetic Design

Made to work with our magnetic Pegs and Bands to organize office essentials.

Desk Shelf Accessories

Both the Lift and Large Stand are designed to work seamlessly with our suite of office accessories. Our magnetic Pegs and Mini Pegs can be used to hold your books in place and store pens and pencils. The Bands are designed to store keys, headphones, or writing utensils and attach to either monitor stands' magnetic surface. Create additional storage for loose papers or accessories by sliding one or two Paper Trays underneath the surface of the Lift or Large Stand. Keep your workspace clutter-free by storing small odds and ends such as paper clips or change in the Basket or Mini Basket.

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