3 Styled Setups

The hours spent on the clock is a major chunk of the week, it’s where ideation, collaboration and creation happens. That’s why piecing together a well-rounded workspace is so important. We’ve created three ideal setups using each of our collections, Walnut, White Oak and Black Oak, and a few brands we love to help you transform any space into somewhere you feel your most focused and inspired. 

The Walnut Collection




The Walnut Collection creates a warm, inviting space. The staple pieces we’ve selected from this collection are the Desk, Large Stand and Side for a fully functional workspace with plenty of storage and room to work. This Walnut setup is a key player in finding solutions to some of the workday’s toughest problems. 




The brands we love to include with this collection’s setup are Appointed, Native Union and Master & Dynamic. Appointed’s Charcoal Gray planner paired with our black magnetic BAND keeps us on track throughout the week. The DESK 02’s Dock, a design detail that seamlessly guides your cables to your desktop, holds Native Union’s Drop Wireless Charger securely in place. Built-in Pegs on the DESK 02 are the perfect resting spot for Master & Dynamic’s Active Noise-cancelling Wireless headphones. 



The White Oak Collection




The artifacts selected for this bright, organized setup are the Bone + White Oak Desk, White Oak Side and Lift. The White Oak Desk with a slightly off white desktop comes fully equipped with a Dock above and Grid below for all your cables to keep you centered and charged. The Lift and Side complete the space by adding quality levels of storage for endless essentials from a monitor to filing system. 



Bigso Box of Sweden and Appointed are the brands we loved accessorizing with this setup. The cream colored file and document holder with an elegant leather handle from Bigso Box of Sweden keeps the Desk’s surface organized. Both our Side and Desk feature Appointed products, their must-have gray planner and notebook, because you’ll want them close by when an appointment needs to be scheduled or inspiration strikes. 


The Black Edition Collection



The strikingly sophisticated Black Oak Collection setup above features the Desk, Large Stand and Side. The Desk and Side include a built-in Dock with the ability to integrate Stands, display tech and store cables. The Large Stand elevates this setup by providing a space to display essentials. 






The brand accessories from Native Union, Master & Dynamic and Appointed paired with the Black Oak setup are equally beautiful and bold. Native Union’s Night Cable looks stunning with this setup and makes recharging convenient. The dark tones of both Master & Dynamic’s wireless headphones hung on a Peg and Appointed’s planner displayed on the Side create a modern feel throughout the workspace. This setup is sure to keep you feeling fierce throughout your workday. 

Interested in creating a more personalized setup? Contact us at info@theartifox.com. We’re here to help.





3 Styled Setups