ARTIFOX Monument Stand - Charcoal

Tools to Reset for the New Year

With 2024 now in full swing, the time has come to get our space in order. Whether it’s a work from home setup, an office space, or your favorite room in the house, we want to help you curate a space that helps you feel refreshed and ready for the year ahead. Elevating a space can seem overwhelming at first, but we’re here to tell you that with just a few simple changes and additions, you can transform your space and have a setup you’ve always wanted.
With darker days still ahead, one way you can enhance your space is with a new modern lighting fixture. Our Table Light is designed to be displayed in environments with a clean and minimal aesthetic, making them the perfect addition to your workspace. It has a versatile shape and symmetrical features that make it the perfect lamp for desks, tables, nightstands, and shelving. Inspired by mid-century modern design, it’s free of harsh angles and gives a polished look to your home. 

With our Table Light available in three colors: Black, White, and Sand, you can seamlessly curate any mood or ambiance in your space. Style yours in a way that matches your environment. Helping you add warmth, tone, and radiance for a productive year to come.
Another tool we recommend to reset a space is our Shelf. As an easy way to organize clutter, this tool adds storage and functionality to any space. Place it in your entryway, office area, or kitchen for a compact and clean look.

This product also comes in multiple sizes and colors. Made for the minimalist, we wanted to create a sleek and polished piece that can help pull together any room. This tool is a great way to tidy up and add a sense of organization to your home.
Needing a new way to help structure your desktop? We have the solution for you. Our Lift makes the perfect addition to your workspace. Providing multi-level storage to display monitors, notebooks, plants and more, they are designed to work with any table or surface. 

Available in three colors: Walnut, White Oak, and Black Oak, you will be sure to find a look that is right for you. Adding this little extra level of structure can help you refresh a space and give you a better mindset while working. 
Lastly, a tool we always suggest adding is our Peg set. This product is perfect for you if you are someone who feels your desk or workspace can sometimes feel cluttered. Small but mighty, these Pegs can elevate your setup in more ways than one. 

With multiple colors on hand and a small, concise shape, they will fit just about anywhere you need. Add them to a shelf, use them as bookends, or simply place them on your desk to display your items in an aesthetically pleasing way.
With plenty of tools and items to choose from, we hope to bring you your ideal workspace with comfort and ease. Giving you minimalist products that include multiple functions, it’s our goal to help you construct a setup that not only inspires you, but brings you focus and clarity for years to come.