ARTIFOX Monument Stand - Charcoal

Seating Has Arrived

It’s time to sit back, relax, and take a seat. In partnership with Normann Copenhagen, we’ve curated a new seating collection that you’ll be sure to love. The ideal way to complement your Artifox Desk, Table or even that empty corner of your home, these elevated pieces are sculpted to fit your comfort and style. Make it your own by choosing color, base and upholstery options. Available now, we can’t wait for you to add this perfect addition to your Artifox space.

With many silhouettes available to further add to your ultimate setup, we wanted to go into more detail on what seating option is best for you.
The Form Swivel
Needing a chair for the office, desk setup, or conference room? This could be the seating solution that fits your space. The modern look is inspired by Scandinavian design principles and is as durable as it is timeless. With an adjustable height, 360° swivel, and an optional seat cushion, this chair style has the flexibility and modern aesthetic you need. Give your office the look of a professional oasis by pairing one of these chairs with your Artifox pieces, creating an inspiring and elevated setup. Available in a variety of colors and materials to make it your own.
The Form Armchair
A timeless, mid century style that is sure to fit in your space. We wanted to offer a piece that felt like it belonged in every room and could pair well with any Artifox product. Set up this chair in your office, dining, or even living room for a modernized look. A set of four would look great paired with our Table or customize your own upholstery to pair with our Desk. Bringing comfort, style, and functionality, the form fitting design helps to elevate your space while still remaining classic.
The Form Bar Chair
We all know finding just the right barstool can be a challenge, but we may have created just the solution. With matching metal bases, the Bar Chair gives a sleek and aesthetic look that can fit well in any space. Pair with our Standing Desk for those days where you just don’t feel like sitting. Available in six different colors and two different heights, counter and bar, this seat holds a steadfast design that will never go out of style.
The Form Chair
With a classic style like this, you can truly never go wrong with adding it to any room. A modern feeling with a comfortable and reliable shape, it can make all the difference when curating a space. Available in several different variations, you can find just the right look and feel when it comes to decorating. You can even pair these chairs with our Desk or Table for a cohesive vibe. Choose between a steel or hardwood base to pair effortlessly with the molded plastic seat or upholstery.
The Form Barstool
Last but not least, the Form Barstool. With a unique design, this stool is a sleek low profile piece that still offers comfort and support for just about everyone. Also available in two heights, Counter and Bar, this chair is made for your convenience. Place at a high top table, bar or Standing Desk for a modern and tasteful look and feel. With 6 different color options and choice of cushion, you will have no problem finding a look that suits your space.

This line of chairs is one of the first in our curation series, bringing you some of our favorite brands to complement Artifox’s foundational products that you already know and love. We have been fans of Normann Copenhagen for quite some time so we are very proud to offer their products alongside ours in perfect harmony. We are so excited for you to try out these pieces and give your space that perfect finishing touch.