ARTIFOX Monument Stand - Charcoal

Introducing Kanto Speakers

We’re here to help discover a setup that’s perfect for you. With our new Kanto speakers, you can build a space that looks and sounds seamless. We encourage you to explore our powerful speakers that augment your workspace and fit well in any curated space.
Our speakers can be used for many different functions with the goal of creating your perfect ambiance. The YU2 speaker can be paired well with many Artifox pieces and make a great addition to any setup. They sit well on our desk, table, large or small stand, next to our side table, bench media console, and more. They’re the perfect accessory and are great for amplifying any space with a subtle and compact look.
Designed to push the limits of your average speaker, they will deliver a performance that is in a class of its own. Producing a high and rich bass that’ll bring all your source material to life. Maximize your productivity by blasting your favorite song that helps you focus or set a relaxing mood in your favorite living space by adding a pair of TUKs to your Bench media setup. Utilize your workstation with the YU6 placed on both sides of the table for equal sounds all around. With the freedom to choose a color and size that reflects your personality, our speakers are sure to bring character and substance to any desktop or media space.
Made for the minimalist, each size has its own unique look and feel. We have our Sub8, YU2, YU4, YU6, and TUK, all made for you to enjoy your tunes to the fullest. With an easy to set up design, each speaker will effortlessly fill your room with a rich and spacious sound. Shop all sizes now and receive quick and free shipping on any order.