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Welcome to the Stache House designed by photographer and videographer @shortstache—featuring our Walnut Table and BenchWe are consistently inspired by Garrett's work and the way he uses his workspace to bring his creative vision to life. Discover how our artifacts enhance his creative studio and workflow by learning more about the key features he uses throughout the workday. 

Garrett uses the Walnut Table as his office desk, he utilizes the two slots on the surface as charging ports for his Macbook, iPhone, and audio equipment. The two cable grids below the surface provide a perfect spot to seamlessly hide his cords and keep them organized and off the ground. The solid walnut hardwood and matte black powder-coated aluminum materials pair beautifully with the overall aesthetic of the studio.  

"All of my cords and cables are off the ground and seamlessly organized which is really cool. Very clean aesthetic. The Walnut is super nice." -Garrett King


Walnut desk

Best Desk for Photographer

Best Desk for Content Creator




The Bench is placed perfectly in front of an office window that brings in an abundance of natural light. This placement allows for the Bench to double as a window seat and storage console for books, speakers, and candles. Garrett loves using physical magazines for inspiration, making the canvas scroll designed for the Bench a key storage feature. The removable steel tray provides a great place to display his decorative plants and matches. 

"Love the design aesthetic. The Bench fits perfectly in this space. I couldn't be more stoked on it." -Garrett King


Walnut bench media console, seating and storage

Best Desk for Photographer

Best Desk for Content Creator




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Artifox Table

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Macbook Holder

LG 38" Curved Monitor

Above Desk Artwork - Mariana Krose

Acoustic Sound Panels

Shortstache Office Tour