October 09, 2018



The reversible wall SHELF is the perfect way to display your everyday carries and accessories for home or office. Its design is modern and minimal creating the ideal place to creatively store essentials. Ready to set up your vertical storage space or looking for the perfect gift? Start here.


SHELF Setup 01

The Dry-Erase White SHELF allows you to jot ideas or build to-do lists. Store your succulents and speakers above or below depending on how you mount your wall SHELF. ARTIFOX White Oak PEGS add dimension and help build the ideal vertical storage space due to the SHELF’s magnetic compatibility. Gray ARTIFOX BANDS create additional ways to organize your home or workspace by giving you the option to hang your keys or photos directly on the wall SHELF.



SHELF Setup 02

Chalkboard Black SHELF is a modern yet timeless way to sketch and store. Pair the steel black SHELF with black ARTIFOX BANDS for a modern storage space. The BANDS keep your headphones/wires or glasses in a secure, stylish spot. Our ARTIFOX brand mark cutout allows for easy access to your phone or tablet charger too. The Walnut PEGS can act as bookends to hold your sketchbooks in place. The SHELF floats once mounted to the wall and the Walnut or Black Edition PEGS continue this design appearance when used to display a BASKET for air plants or paper clips.



Creating a stylish, minimal storage space is a breeze with the ARTIFOX SHELF. Now all you have to decide is - gift it or keep it?


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