Jonathan Morrison Setups: Part 2

Jonathan Morrison and his team produce high quality videos blending tech + aesthetic, to showcase the latest products & gadgets. Morrison has shown the Desk even more love, this time in the Bone + White Oak Desk and Black Oak Desk.

The Black Oak Desk displays Morrison's Space Gray tech perfectly. The unexpected Black Oak Desk outdoors setup is a beautiful sight, especially during golden hour!

The ARTIFOX team fully embraces the color black, so we decided to design and build the Desk from solid white oak and pure black ink. It’s then sealed with a satin finish to create a sleek, strong workspace. Shop the Setup.

ARTIFOX x Jonathan Morrison are giving the 'corner desk' a rebrand, it’s time to Consider the Corner by reinventing the way you utilize this space. Morrison has shown the Bone + White Oak Desk can brighten up any workspace and keep you organized with the design features available for your tech and decor. Shop the Setup.

Jonathan Morrison and his team continue to inspire us with their unique videos and insightful reviews. Can’t wait to see what’s next!


Jonathan Morrison Setups: Part 2