Partner Setup

We have found that many of the entrepreneurs we design for work with a partner at home or a boutique office with a team. It can be a hard task to form a workspace that will work for many personalities while keeping it cohesive and productive - that’s where we come in.


Achieve a beautiful, functional shared workspace in any home or corporate office with Sit or Stand Desk setups. Find inspiration to create your own:



Placing multiple Black Oak Desk next to one another allows for collaboration and privacy. By utilizing the compatible accessories, we were able to create two completely different workspaces. The Large Stand is used on one setup to display a monitor, plant and notebooks and the Small Stands elevate speakers leaving more room to create on the second setup. 






For a team that’s always collaborating and on the move. Arrange Walnut Desk setups with an assortment of accessories, like the Slate, Tray and Cable Management Kit, to create an unstoppable co-working hub for a team of innovators. Embrace a healthy lifestyle among team members by mounting vertical bike Racks throughout the workspace. 









Two heads are better than one. Whether you’re working with your partner at home or a co-worker at the corporate office, this setup is a favorite. By placing the Bone + White Oak Desk Grids (found under the desks) together, you will have a central spot for all the tech cords to stay organized. The Large Stand or Lift are made even more effective when paired together on top of each Desk by creating a substantial elevated spot for each person’s workday accessories. 








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Partner Setup