Inside a Musician's Workspace

We got the chance to sit down with Jordan, a musician and creator, to hear about his workflow and workspace. Laying down a track is how he, in turn, gets his day back on track. Knowing music plays this role in Jordan’s life, we understand how important it is to offer desk components compatible with a musician’s equipment.

The Black Oak Desk's built-in Pegs store his bag and headphones while the Grid keeps his charging cords organized and off the ground—making it the best desk for a musician with a good deal of equipment. The Black Oak Small Stands integrate with the Desk Dock to elevate his Kanto speakers, creating more desktop space for his laptop and keyboard.

The Black Edition Collection is made from solid white oak and pure black ink then sealed with a satin finish. The high quality black finish beautifully complements the modern concrete space and daily essentials.

To learn more about how the Black Oak Desk and Small Stands can bring clarity and creativity to your work and space, check them out here.


Inside a Musician's Workspace