Considered Materials

We believe a workspace should be built up with products made from sustainable and high quality materials. When designing the Desk, Pegs, Rack and Stands we set out to find materials that would be just as beautiful as they are durable. Solid hardwood White Oak and Walnut ensures each completed product will be a unique hand finished piece with a wood grain pattern of its own.

The beauty of the White Oak Collection is hard to beat. The contemporary color will successfully complement any space. It may have a soft look but its resilience to dents will keep you happily hard at work for years to come.

Walnut is the rich, timeless material that gives our tech-focused products a warm yet modern touch. The Walnut wood grain patterns we've seen are unlike anything else - ensuring each product is one of a kind.

The Black Oak Collection is built using solid White Oak creating a product with the same high quality. Pure black ink is applied to give it an elevated appearance and then sealed with a satin finish.

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Considered Materials