5 Ways to Refresh Your Home Office

Summer chaos is upon us. It can be easy to overlook your home office when you’re more focused on going to the pool or enjoying a barbecue with friends and family. But by having a beautiful workspace you can actually increase your productivity because it will become a place you enjoy spending time in. Summertime is the best time to de-clutter and make a few changes to your home office. Add a little calming sunshine to your workday!


1. Get Organized


You’re halfway through the year, which makes it the perfect time to start going through and shredding or recycling all the papers you don’t need. Once you’ve cut down the items you can work without, clean all your surfaces and floor for a fresh start. Then, use monitor stands, side tables, paper trays, and baskets to organize the essential items you’ve kept. Artifox designs a wide range of modern organizational solutions for your home office.


Paper trays for organization


2. Rearrange The Old or Add New Modern Furniture


One of the best ways to have your home office feeling inspiring and brand new is by rearranging your furniture. By facing your desk toward the office door or in front of a window, you’ll have a new view and feel much more creative throughout the workday. Our White Oak and Bone Desk is a customer favorite because it’s made to organize your tech and office accessories flawlessly while also bringing a bright, natural look to your workspace. Our Bone Collection or Whitewash Oak Collection both provide bright, stunning furniture that will refresh any workspace.


White Oak and Bone Desk Home Office


 3. Plants


We prefer not to paint the walls loud colors, hang bright paintings, or lay down colorful rugs. We feel by adding those things it can create unwanted distraction. Our most favorite way to add color to a home office is by adding plants! By having living things in your home office it not only improves the air but adds a bright, cheerful vibe. You can even add your own personality by using sleek plant containers or interesting vases for fresh flowers.


Modern Furniture and Accessories Organization


4. Accent Lighting


A nice personal touch that adds a homey feeling are Table Lights. Whether you’re working early or late, it’s always worth bringing some much-needed light and ambiance to a home office. A lamp illuminates your daily tasks and can be great for adding your own personal design style. Lighting can be very personal since it's available in many different shapes, sizes, and styles.


Modern Lighting


 5. Mood Boards


What are you working on right now or what is bringing you joy? Put that on your wall! Create a dedicated space on your wall by your desk or sitting area with images, prints, or sketches. This wall will bring you back to what you’re focusing on as well as provide endless inspiration. Align your thoughts and design a more engaging work environment in an instant!


Creative Home Office Mood Board 


A beautiful, functional home office can be yours! It only takes a few updates and both you and your home office are sure to feel refreshed this summer.


If you need extra help or you’re interested in purchasing a few new modern furniture pieces and accessories for your home office, email us at info@theartifox.com. We are here to keep you and your space organized and inspired!




5 Ways to Refresh Your Home Office