Workspace Reset

The new year is right around the corner. The air is crisp and the trees are bare, which means it’s time for a fresh start. We’ve curated a list of artifacts to help you gear up for challenges and opportunities in the coming year. 




Minimalist Desk

Desk (stand or sit) is designed to fit into your lifestyle and workspace throughout every season. Built-in Pegs serve as hooks for headphones or winter accessories - scarves, hats and coats. The Dock is compatible with your tech, including your phone or tablet, for an ideal work experience. The Desk can last through the seasons as it's built with hand-crafted hardwood and solid steel for lasting durability.




Well-Rounded Side

The Side is one of our newest artifacts. Designed to organize and display your work or play necessities in any space. Its solid hardwood construction, in Walnut, White Oak or Black, is long-lasting to stay with you throughout the years and give any space a beautiful aesthetic. The Side comes with 1 Knot to keep your cords in place, 1 file folder set, 1 anti-tip kit and felt pads to protect the feet.




Spacious Lift

The Lift was built to optimize every workspace with its multi-level storage, magnetic surface and compatible design. Whether you’re a gamer or photographer, the Lift is designed to provide a place to store the essentials for optimal efficiency.  Designed with the Desk and Artifox magnetic accessories in mind, the Lift works with nearly any horizontal surface and organizational tools.




Vertical Rack 

The simple, stylish and secure Rack brings your ride out from being locked up on the street, stuck in the garage or in the basement and into your living space. Its unique mounting system self-levels along any surface and stays hidden with a cleverly placed magnet. The Rack is constructed from solid hardwood and powder coated steel to create the ideal resting place after a long ride.




Reversible Wall Shelf

Display everyday essentials in a variety of styles using the reversible White or Black Shelf. Built with powder coated steel for a strong hold and packed in one piece for easy assembly. Complete this vertical storage space by using magnetic Pegs as bookends or Black to snap glasses or headphones in place. The writable Dry-Erase or Chalkboard SHELF gives you a spot for quick notes while at the workspace, sleep space or entryway.

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Workspace Reset